The 5 Biggest Video Mistakes Businesses Make

So you’ve decided to integrate video into your marketing plan. Great! Now let’s make sure you do it right.

It’s easy to recognize a great video, but making one from scratch? That’s a whole different beast. There are tons of tiny details that separate the greats from the… not-so-greats. We’ve learned from making some greats in our day, and wanted to share our tips. Here are 5 things to avoid when making videos for your business.

A Bland Cover Image

The fixed image that displays before your video begins is also known as a cover image, and it will be your viewers’ first impression of your video. They say you only get one shot at those, so you have to make it count. Customize your video’s cover image with an exciting, aesthetically pleasing screen grab of your choosing instead of relying on the snapshot that your video hosting site picks for you—those defaults are chosen at random, usually blurry and often uninteresting. When you add your own (awesome) lead image instead, viewers won’t be able to resist hitting play.

Not Posting Your Video on Social

You’ve gotten this far and made a great video—now it’s time to show it to the world! Gone are the days of just posting it on your YouTube channel and watching the views roll in. You have to share it across all your social accounts, and not just once, but several times over the course of a few months to build momentum. If you’re going to put the work in, you shouldn’t be afraid to show it off.

Making Video That’s Meant for TV

People aren’t interested in online video that feels and sounds like a TV commercial. Don’t try to shove everything you want to say into a 30-second time slot in an advertise-y way. Instead, focus on creating strong, visually creative videos, like this spot we made for Adidas. Keeping those two goals in mind will put your business on the fast track to creating content that attracts viewers and keeps them wanting more.

Forgetting to Focus on Results

Creating excellent videos for the pursuit of artistic fulfillment is great and all, but you’re running a business, so it’s time to get yourself some leads. Use text or better yet, animated video to end your video with a clear call to action. The request will flow seamlessly and your viewers won’t be able to stop themselves from falling for your brand.

Trying to Tackle the Project Yourself

Don’t buy some high tech camera equipment and editing software and expect to become a video expert overnight. Instead, partner with an experienced production team that knows the ins and outs of creating stellar content. They can handle all the details while you focus on making your business grow.

If you’re looking for a video team to help you make some great content—and in turn, some big sales—you’re in the right place. Contact the crew at Bottle Rocket Media to learn how we can help you make your company’s first video a “do.”

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