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Bottle Rocket Media’s Success at The 38th Annual Telly Awards

A look at our awards for 360, political commentary, biography, and marketing videos

Time for a quick brag session. Bottle Rocket Media is now the proud owner of not one, not two, but five awards from the 38th annual Telly Awards. That’s three more than last year, and we are so honored and PROUD of our team for all the amazing, creative work they’ve produced over the last 365. Here’s a look at the projects that won big for us this year.

Season 38 Telly Awards Bronze for Branded Content & Entertainment in Craft-Virtual Reality / 360

What better excuse to use 360 than to show the world how WeWork is taking the concept of the shared workspace to a new level? If the beautiful space doesn’t hook you, the amazing people at the helm of WeWork will. The second best part about this project: Getting to spend time in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Season 38 Telly Awards Bronze for Video / Shows / Segments in Craft-Virtual Reality / 360

With 360 video, being courtside has never felt more, well, courtside. We got to go to the opposite coast for this one, and Venice Beach did not disappoint. Don’t take our word for it: Check out these 360-degree dunks.

Season 38 Telly Awards Bronze for Video / Shows / Segments in General-Political/Commentary

Given our country’s political landscape over the last year, we wanted to ensure this project was educational and drove home the importance of voting in the 2016 presidential election. Shout-out to Bryan for taking his motion graphics game to the next level. This video wouldn’t be

Season 38 Telly Awards Bronze for Commercials / Marketing in General-Not-for-profit

Every child deserves a toy, so we decided to let the kids explain why in this production for the Toy Industry Foundation. Nothing tops a young child’s honesty, which makes this video so genuine. This project will always be a favorite for the entire team at Bottle Rocket Media.

Season 38 Telly Awards Bronze for Non-Broadcast Productions in General-Biography

Nurses are very special people. Not only are they some of the most compassionate people around, they also radiate kindness. That is exactly what we wanted to portray in this piece for Horizon Pharma, and there was no better way to do that than with a series of one-on-one interviews to give the audience a first-hand account of just how inspiring these men and women are. We love this project and are so happy to know the Tellys did too.

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Project Shoutout: WeWork Times Square

The Bottle Rocket Media team recaps what made this project awesome

We’re not the kind of guys to pass up a trip to NYC, especially when it involves breaking out the 360 gear and hanging out in Times Square. The WeWork project turned out to be one of our favorites from last year – not only because of the concept but because of the amazing people we collaborated with. Here’s a look back on the elements that made this piece magic.

WeWork Q&A with Dan Fisher and Brett Singer

  1. What was the vision and inspiration behind this video?

As with most 360 videos happening now, the vision behind creating these experiences is all about immersion and transporting the viewer into that space. The WeWork office tour had one goal: to get the audience to visit the actual place. By giving the viewer the lay of the land and having moments in various locations, you really get a sense of the scale of the space and how it offered so much to see and enjoy. It truly was perfectly suited for a 360 experience.

  1. What elements contributed to the effectiveness of the storytelling?

We approach 360 video content the same as any video content we create. We focus on the story, what the viewer will experience, and how we want them to feel at the end of the video. With those things in mind, we use our standard arsenal of tools: camera placement and composition, voice-over, thoughtful music, authentic interviews, and graphics.

  1. How do you think filming in 360 helped capture the brand’s unique elements?

WeWork is all about the complete shared workspace. It’s not just a place where people go to sit at a desk all day. They have a coffee bar, large communal work areas, and a ton of outdoor space. The whole experience just can’t be captured by watching a video. Only when you’re standing in the thick of it do you really get a sense of the scale of their vision.

  1. Did any obstacles come up while making this video? If so, how did you work around them?

A regular challenge for all 360 shoots is where you hide the crew. So for most shots, you make sure everyone is mic’d properly, hit record, and run and hide! We do a lot of masking out of our crews, too, because sometimes they need to be close to the action to know what’s happening or for technical reasons. There are tricks of the trade that enable us to paint ourselves out after the fact. It’s fun stuff!

  1. What was your favorite part of the project, and why?

With any video production, you always go into a shoot with a solid plan and just wait for the unexpected moment to pop up. At WeWork, we had many great, authentic interactions happen on camera. It’s a beehive of activity in their spaces, and it’s nice not to have to manufacture those moments. Sometimes just being there is enough.

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