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Create a video series that showcases the effectiveness of Litera’s document drafting lifecycle solutions (ie. all of their products) for lawyers and corporations.



Convey all of the resourceful offerings in a way that is engaging and succinct.



We chose to forgo the archetypal demonstration video and instead decided to design and animate seven videos that told a story of problems and solutions.






Working with Litera

We always say that the creative process is a two-way street.  The more collaboration we have with our clients the more creative we can all be.  This perfectly describes the relationship we have developed with Gwen Smith and Tina Yu of Litera.


Last week we caught up with them to do a post mortem on the last two projects, and to their surprise, we have decided to publish snippets of the conversation below.





How were you introduced to Bottle Rocket Media?

GS: While researching local agencies, I learned about Bottle Rocket from a former coworker who partnered with them to deliver an explainer video. She gave rave reviews on the agency’s creativity and ability to translate a product and value prop into motion, and it was hard not to take her word for it. When I saw examples of the work Bottle Rocket did for her, I was truly impressed with their ability to bring the brand’s story to life. I  wanted the same for Litera!


How was your experience overall?

GS: In one word: excellent. Our first project took place in the summer of 2019, just after Litera acquired one of its largest competitors. The media and customers were enthusiastic about the news and we wanted to keep the momentum going by reinforcing our vision at ILTACON, the legal industry’s largest annual conference.


The only challenge was that the event was eight weeks away and we were still developing our story. On our first call with Bottle Rocket, they picked up the pieces as if they had been working with us for years. 


They were able to quickly put our concepts into play, impressing the marketing and executive teams with their ability to create a video with minimal direction and editing. When ILTACON arrived, Litera’s CEO, Avaneesh Marwaha, debuted the vision video in front of 200+ law firm leaders at an exclusive, invite-only experience. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the video is still referenced by customers and the Litera revenue team. 


It was a no-brainer to go back to Bottle Rocket when we needed help on our second project – six product explainer videos in six weeks. 





How do you feel about the results overall?

TY: I’m very proud of the final videos, and our customer-facing teams are proud to share them. We’ve heard praise from multiple departments throughout the company about how the videos are leveling up our company’s perception. They have also become one of the most useful onboarding tools.


Briefly discuss the pre-production process.  

TY: After our initial calls with Dan Wulfing and the team for the explainer videos, they visited our office to walk through the scripts line-by-line and storyboard the vision. Then, for each video, we received sketches and iterative motion drafts for review and approval. We also selected and sat in on voiceover recordings before the video was finalized. The team took the time to understand our audience and our products, both of which are niche and can be quite nuanced, while always meeting the deadlines.


What were your initial thoughts when you saw V1 of the first video?

TY: I felt relieved that our vision and concerns for this series were heard and executed! In particular, we wanted these product explainer videos to showcase our software without being too literal to the UI; this protects the longevity of the videos since our products are constantly evolving. This careful balance can be challenging to get right, and BRM knocked it out of the park.


How did the revision process go for you?

TY: The way BRM structures their team worked very well, which helped the revision process immensely. As with any complex project, sometimes timelines needed to be readjusted and certain videos took longer than others. One of many things that set BRM apart from other agencies was the direct communication with everyone involved — the creatives and the project manager — which helped the entire team stay aligned on all the moving parts.






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