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Creating demonstration videos for a company that touts precision through engineering will always be a fun challenge. The imagery needs to be clean, the steps need to be precise, and the video needs to be quality. Easy enough… Unless you are demonstrating hair products, because hair does not care. It flops to the left, curls where it wants to, and is dramatically affected by the heat of the lights. And we used a lot of lights.

The ask on this project was to show off a new product of which nobody was an expert, light the product in a way that was flattering for it and the model holding it, and match an existing video look established in the UK. In pre-production we communicated with Dyson HQ to find out the specifics of what they were looking for. We traded lighting diagrams, talked through camera and lens specs and discussed one particular effect in depth - a slow motion, moving-shadows-background that is coordinated with the model flipping her newly straightened hair on the foreground.

In production we spent one day in prelight and the next shooting, using big sources to illuminate the product with minimal reflections as well as fill in the model's eyes. For the moving shadows we decided to use a 5K Fresnel on a doorway dolly. When it came time to create the moving shadow on the wall we decided to scrap our original plan of using round pillars for square ones. This gave us the harder lines and a more defined movement. It was a game-time call after testing with the round pillars, which satisfied all parties.

The post production process for these videos was tame. Since we have actual steps to follow, we did just that.


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