Bottle Rocket Media is on the cutting edge of 360 video production. A leader in the industry for years, we’ve created 360 content for some of the biggest brands in the world:
American Girl, TD-Ameritrade, WeWork, the Chicago Cubs, The Atlantic, Siemens, Northwestern University, Discover Card, iO Theater, 7/Eleven, and more.
Using immersive videography to transport the viewer, we incorporate traditional storytelling elements into 360 VR video services. Now, viewers are no longer seeing things through the eyes of the storyteller – they’re experiencing it with them.
Bottle Rocket Media handles all aspects of your 360 video production. We’re experts in experience conceptualization, 360 production (4K, 6K, 8K), stitching, color correction/grading, 360 motion graphics, editorial, sound mixing, and final delivery formats. We can even create custom Google Cardboards for you! We have you completely covered for all of your 360 video production needs.
As a leading VR and 360 video production company, Bottle Rocket Media is helping brands tell their stories in completely mind-blowing ways that you have to experience to believe. Check out some of our work below.
Do you have a 360 video project? Great! Email us to get a quote started at hello@bottlerocketmedia.net.