Your video should
make an impact

The Recipe for a Bad Video

The worst video list: Decidedly more embarrassing than the worst dressed list

Video is everywhere. Some of it is outstanding, and some of it is really awful. YouTube alone gets 4 billion views a day, and the quality of these videos spans the spectrum from HD music videos to a Mom filming her kid’s soccer goal on a first-generation Samsung Galaxy. With the opportunity to get your content in front of a new set of eyes every second, putting out a good product should be a top priority for brands and marketers, and that means avoiding the following production fouls.

5 signs your video missed the mark

We’re all about creativity in the storytelling space, and while making your own video is totally doable, there’s always the chance that something out of your control will spring up and throw a wrench in production. One way to avoid these hangups is to work with a professional production company that will help draft, produce, edit, and manages the entire process for you. We’ve got a team ready to do just that (and then some). Contact Bottle Rocket Media to get started.