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7 Tips to Look and Feel Your Best In a Corporate Video

Would you rather read a 5-page pamphlet on what a company does or watch a quick, easy-to-digest, and entertaining video? If you chose the latter, you’re in the majority. In fact, a whopping 69% of those surveyed shared that they would prefer video over text when learning about a new service or product. So, it’s not hard to see why corporate videos are more important than ever. If you have a corporate video scheduled on your calendar but are feeling a little nervous about being in front of the camera, don’t fret. Here are five must-know tips for looking and feeling your best when it comes time to shoot.

Step #1. Hire the Right Video Team

Naturally, step #1 is hiring the right video team. Why? Well, the company you select will play a large part in the final video and your entire experience. Bottle Rocket Media specializes in video production, motion graphics, and virtual event production. With more than 40 5-star reviews, they are one of the top Chicago-based video production agencies. So, you can have peace of mind knowing the end result will make an impact.

Step #2. Make Sure Your Smile Is Ready to Shine

It’s no secret –  your smile is one of the first features people notice about you. Is yours ready for the spotlight? If the first answer that came to your mind wasn’t an enthusiastic “yes,” consider visiting a skilled nearby dentist. Whether you’re unhappy with your teeth’ size, shape, or position, you can determine which cosmetic dentistry treatment is ideal. By the time it’s time to shoot the video, you and your dental team will have crafted a camera-ready smile you’re proud to show off!

Step #3. Pick the Right Outfit

This article is about looking and feeling your best. Oftentimes, people forget the latter and just focus on selecting trendy attire. However, the last thing you want is to feel your shoes digging into the back of your heel or for your shirt to feel too constricting, making it hard to breathe comfortably. When picking your outfit, make sure it checks both boxes so you feel as good as you look.

Step #4. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before

Dark circles under your eyes and a lack of color in your face can be fixed with makeup. But a sour mood and tired demeanor can’t be addressed as easily. For this reason, it’s of the utmost importance that you get plenty of sleep the night before. Try putting your phone away an hour before bedtime, lighting some relaxing candles, trying a beverage to help you wind down, or listening to soothing music. These measures will help create a relaxing ambiance that will help you drift off to enjoy a restful sleep.

Step #5. Be Authentic

You may not be a natural performer, which can make being in front of a camera a little nerve-racking, but you don’t have to be an actor for people to connect with you. Remember, the goal is for your target audience to get to know you and your story. Your corporate video is a great opportunity to share your message and let viewers see the human side of your brand, business, service, or product. Be professional, but you should also be authentic. Your video team should be able to provide insight on how to achieve the on-brand message you want to communicate in an impactful way.

Step #6. Have a Designated Support Person

Of course, your video team will provide some assistance, but it may be helpful to have someone else there to lend a helping hand–a friend, co-worker, or professional hired to do just that – check your appearance right before the camera starts rolling to make sure nothing is distracting or amiss. Using a blemish remover or powder can also help with facial shine. Don’t forget to bring makeup or hair products, just in case your video shoot is later in the day, and you need to freshen up!

Step #7. Have Fun!

Of course, the last step is just to relax and have fun! If you are too “in your head,” your message or overall desired vibe may not get across as you’d hoped. Luckily, if you do step one correctly, you’ll have an amazing team of professionals to help you feel at ease in front of the camera. That way, you end up with a beautiful educational video that truly makes an impact.

When you are ready to make your video, check out the different types of videos you can work with. From video production services to motion graphics services, or event video production, we love video and can talk about it all day long. Start your project and stay inspired to get you and your brand name more mainstream recognition.

The 7 Types of Corporate Videos

Cutting corners has never been the way to make a positive lasting impression. As a corporate entity or even a startup, your first impression can make or break you. A corporate video is an impressionable tool, the wave of the future, and not just because 60% of visitors prefer to watch a video about a company vs. reading the information, or because of the increase of online purchasing, or because of the increase of remote working and learning,  but because video content can increase revenue growth by as much as 49%. It’s time for you to learn more about corporate video production, and decide whether to add it to your marketing strategy.

What Is A Corporate Video

A corporate video is a much easier way to influence, get people engaged, and entertain.  Whether customers or personnel, corporate video can be a way to introduce a product, train new employees, promote a service, or to keep your audience informed. Corporate videos can include voiceovers, music, motion graphics and animation, or talent to get your desired message across. 

Types of Corporate Videos

Pending the purpose of your corporate video, there are several types to select from to ensure an effective campaign or informative strategy. 

1. Founder Video

Tell the story of your founder(s). Consumers and staff alike want to connect and know who you are. Your why, your accomplishments and aspirations. This creates a bond and a relatable way to generate a following. 

2. Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are essential in capturing new customers or even new employees. People want to hear what others have to say before making a decision. 

Hand pick the best customers or staff that can speak honestly and happily about your product, service or company. Create a questionnaire, or survey to help you select who would be the best to represent the message you want to present. 

3. Recruitment Video

Similar to a testimonial video, sharing the opinions and feedback from current staff is an added plus to generate interest for prospective employees. Use a recruitment video as an opportunity to share your company culture, values and environment you create for your employees. This has the potential to woo prospective employees to choose you over other employers. 

4. Training Video

Now that the perfect candidates have said yes to working for your company, it is key to keep them by educating them on your company, your expectations and the role in which they play in achieving company goals. Because of the consistency and flexibility of training videos, companies have seen an increase in productivity, by 65% if you include visuals. 

5. Promotional Video

Promotional videos are a great way to communicate a product or service launch in an appealing and intriguing way. Add your promo video to an email, landing page, or website homepage. Videos are visually effective and are much more memorable than simply reading text on a page. 

6. How-To Video

Do you have a complex message or step-by-step process that needs to be broken down into easily digestible content? Create a how-to-video that details the complexities and minimizes any potential confusion for your audience. 

7. Social Media Video

We couldn’t leave social media out of the video equation. With an array of platforms to select from and channels of distribution (feed, stories, reels), as you create any of the above video options, think about including shorter videos that can effortlessly be added to your social media. If you are looking for tips to create the perfect social media video there are tips that can help you in planning.

Let’s be real, there is nothing comparable to video content, and the increase of conversions and potential for additional revenue is more than enough of a reason to add a variety of corporate videos to your company repertoire. When you are ready to start your project, just know from concept to delivery we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media, our video production services, or how we differ because of our Rocket Sauce, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Company videos that make a lasting impact

Want to Create Lasting Impact? Make a Company Video

Company videos do it all—they provide the exact right look, sound, and messaging to represent your brand. They stick in our minds, especially the outrageous ones. Plus, thanks to the advent of digital, they have never been more cost-effective to produce. With a million ways to make a first impression on your target audience, why not make one that lasts a lifetime?

Why Video? (Quick Stats):

According to a recent piece on, 85% of the US Internet audience watches videos online, with over 500 million people watching videos on Facebook daily. In a nutshell, our society has gone VIDEO CRAZY! With everyone and their father tied to a mobile device, the draw to watch hours of complex ideas broken down into digestible content is irresistible.

Think—how long has it been since you watched a video?

What Exactly Is a Company Video?

These days, company videos are simply modern marketing tools, typically used to make a first impression—one with a long shelf life. The memories you can create with video will outlast and out-influence any photograph, logo, text or voiceover. There is no better way to deliver a message, showcase a culture, advertise a product, celebrate a team or unveil a location. 

At Bottle Rocket Media, for example, we are always harkening back to commercials from our youths. If it weren’t for the famous and perfectly cast “time to make the donuts guy,” we might not have become such big Dunkin’ fans. We still laugh over that campaign and it was like 40 years ago! It is the perfect example of an effective company video in that it inspires warm, happy lasting memories. And that’s the ultimate goal, for any brand. 

A Few Options to Choose from:

There is more than one way to skin a cat or shoot a company video.

Brand Videos 

A solid brand documentary, so to speak, is all-encompassing. It puts your company’s history, philosophy, and personality all together in one fast-moving experience. It can include an aesthetic take on your location(s), along with down-to-earth employee/client testimonials for a personal, inside look. Check out this brand video we did for AV Franklin.

Profile Videos:

It doesn’t get more simple or straightforward than this. A good profile video offers a brief, but effective synopsis of one aspect of the company, including its mission, personnel, and most attractive features or customer benefits. Quickly run through important bios, stats, and newsworthy factoids for a bottom-line impact or simply get to know someone like in this video we made for the tattoo artist, Jacob Kearney

Culture Videos:

Right now, company culture is under the microscope, with millennials and Gen Zers searching high and low for diverse and inclusive work atmospheres. As a result, culture videos, like this one we did for Centro, are often wisely geared towards showcasing progressive ideals and practices. Successful ones tell good, honest stories that underscore the positive experiences of the workforce.

 Product or Services Video

When you need to get specific about your latest offering, a video can do more than any other type of marketing material. Show off your stuff at all angles and at a closer range than ever before.  In this video, we did for Impossible objects you really get a good idea of how they are using cutting edge technology.


Getting Started!

Ready to get your brand on video? Here are a few tips from Bottle Rocket Media:

Time to make a video! For inspiration, check out this oldie-but-goodie.


Client Spotlight | Byline Bank 

When it comes to sending the right message through video, a down-to-earth brand requires the vision of a down-to-earth production company. It was a match made in marketing heaven, therefore, when Bottle Rocket Media and Byline Bank seamlessly came together to produce a series of effective promotional shorts – featuring a signature human touch both are known for.

With over 40 years of serving local businesses and entrepreneurs under its money belt, Chicago-based institution, Byline Bank, sought to share the tale of its evolving enterprise through a select group of real people – customers who have benefitted from its community-focused programs and services. Enter Bottle Rocket Media producer, Siobhan Summers, who pitched the idea of a team-up and brokered the first meeting of the minds. From the start, it was clear that both companies held a strong passion for positive, Windy City narratives and a HUGE love of documentary-style video.

From there, Byline began banking on Bottle Rocket Media to help bring its customers’ inspiring stories to life: “This was a project right up our alley,” says Fisher. “There is not a single director on our team who doesn’t embrace the importance of genuine emotion in video storytelling. Ultimately, we created three pieces revolving around thriving, local businesses that use Byline [see video below]. The project was unique in that it focused on the people, rather than the client itself, yet still showcased how Byline Bank was an integral part of their financial stability.”

Entitled Written By…, Byline’s campaign series from Bottle Rocket Media puts front and center the owners of Chicago’s Trader Todd’s, Village Fresh Market and Euro Collision in order to demonstrate the bank’s direct impact on the community it serves. Check out the videos to see how its customers are able to truly “write” their own futures:

This is what Byline Bank had to say about working with Bottle Rocket Media: “At Byline, we loved working with Bottle Rocket. They put together inspiring videos telling the Byline Bank customer story. We loved how they made the video process seamless and painless. With little direction, they were able to hear our needs, create the vision and carry it through to reality. We’re excited to continue working on more videos and continue to grow our relationship and our testimonial library.”

Summers concludes: “The entire Byline team was very easy to work with. They were open to our ideas and willing to collaborate on creative – a vital tool we always try to encourage among our clients. Bottom line? Byline gave us some awesome, compelling stories to tell – and that made our job a breeze. We look forward to much more down the line.”

5 Tips for Corporate Video Production

Shooting a corporate video can present challenges not faced when shooting other types of projects. Subjects—who aren’t usually accustomed to being in the spotlight—are often nervous or even uncomfortable on camera. Some may appear slightly rigid and even have trouble figuring out just what to say. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips we have to help make your corporate video production a success.

1. Write a script

No matter what style of video you’re shooting, you need structure to help the content flow. In many cases, messaging is very tightly controlled by HR and/or Marketing, so having a plan ahead of time can save invaluable time and frustrations. When shooting interviews, we recommend approaching them with a conversational tone to make them feel more natural and make the interviewee feel more comfortable. This helps maintain a good flow and makes pulling sound bites in post much easier

2. Know your audience

As with any form of marketing, understanding your audience is key. What is the most relevant and important information to them? Once you have a clear definition of who your audience is and what their needs are, you can better demonstrate how your business can solve their problems, improve their lives, or simply fulfill their wants. The important thing to remember is to be engaging and don’t just tell your audience about your business–show them

3. Incorporate awesome visuals

While we’re on the subject of engaging content…incorporating visuals is a great way to get your video noticed. Adding animations and other forms of motion graphics can create visual interest that encourages your audience to not only watch your video but also share it with others. Plus, it’s a great way to reinforce your brand identity and messaging without feeling salesy

4. Decide on the core message

Determine exactly what you want your audience to walk away feeling, knowing, or learning from watching your video. This way everyone involved has a clear idea of what the final product should convey. Remember, having a solid definition of the end goal makes it much easier to weave together a great story in post production and ensure that your mission and competitive advantages are effectively articulated

5. Hire a Professional

Shooting a corporate video can have its challenges–but you don’t have to face them alone. Hiring a professional can help take a lot of the pressure off of you and your team. At Bottle Rocket Media, we love partnering with our clients to help bring their stories to life. We are more than just an outside vendor, we become a part of your team and work to understand your business and your mission. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you create an awesome corporate video

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