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Digital Storytelling: 5 brands that are killing it right now

A BRM shout-out to a few companies doing really cool things

We’re all about giving credit where credit is due, especially when it comes to exceptional storytelling. From creating an experience that resonates with the target audience to thinking outside the box and nailing it, the opportunities for creativity in the storytelling space are truly endless. Here’s a quick rundown of the brands doing excellent work right now.

5 brands that are knocking it out of the storytelling park

  1. Nike – Nike is one of those companies that has capitalized on connecting its brand with inspiring stories its audience can relate to. And they make it look easy every time. If it’s not Wieden + Kennedy’s series featuring Kevin Hart encouraging you to get up and run, it’s Simone Biles’ mom tugging on your heartstrings with this ad about the Olympic gold medalist, produced by Dirty Robber. And, of course, the commercial hit home for millions of Cubs fans worldwide. This one still gives us chills.
  1. Works with Nest – Remember what we said about finding a creative, innovative way to tell a story? Works with Nest products aren’t glamorous by any means, but the story that unfolds in this video successfully positions these household gadgets as essential pieces of the home automation puzzle. Shout-out to the team at Oddfellows for doing a beautiful job with the motion graphics.