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Top 47 Video Marketing Statistics and Trends 2022

If you want your brand to take off these days, it is most definitely pertinent for you to be proactive in using video. The ever-evolving nature of the world of media coupled with the video industry has caused a surge of realizations most of us may not have been prepared for. So, to make it easier on you, we compiled a list of video statistics that may surprise you, but will hopefully help build up the mental momentum needed for you to invest in taking the time and funds to create your own videos, or better yet, hire a video production team to bring your vision to life.

From online video to Youtube to Instagram and Facebook,  video is out there rocking all our socks off. 

Top 47 Video Stats To Know In 2022

Business and Video Statistics

  1. Calls-to-actions get 380% more clicks when placed in videos – Wix
  2. 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy—an increase from 92% in 2020, making this the highest percentage of any year since 2015 HubSpot, 2021
  3. 90% of video marketers voicing video has directly helped increase sales, 83% stating video has helped them generate leads.
  4.  80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. – Optin Monster
  5. 74% of marketers are more likely to use video with 70% expecting a higher video budget for 2021 – Content Works Agency
  6. 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads. – Biteable
  7. 30% of marketers see video as a more important part of their strategy than their website. – Biteable
  8. ‘How-to’ searches are increasing 70% year-over-year on YouTube – Wix
  9. Sales teams that use video get a 16% bump in email open rates SalesLoft
  10. Overall business video creation increased by 135% last year Vidyard, 2021
  11. Companies With 31-200 Employees Create Nearly As Many Videos As Those With More Than 5,000 Workers – Convince and Convert
  12. 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. – Biteable
  13. 29% of businesses use video in their administration and operations messages. – Biteable
  14. Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERP – Agilitypr
  15. Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% Unbounce
  16. Blogs using video attract 3x as many inbound links as blogs without video – MobileMonkey
  17. Businesses using video grow 49% faster year over year. – Millennial Studios
  18. 81% of marketers surveyed that are working in manufacturing said they’re already using video in their video marketing strategy and plans – Wibbitz

Social Media Video Stats

  1. Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. – G2 Crowd
  2. How-To tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content – YumYum Video
  3. One-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses – YumYum Video
  4. There’s been an 80% increase in time spent watching video on Instagram, year over year – YumYum Video
  5.  One in four ads on Instagram is a video – YumYum Video
  6. Instagram has seen an 80% increase in the time that users spend watching video on the platform BackLinkIo
  7. Over 500 million accounts on Instagram are viewing Stories daily  – Instagram 
  8. Facebook videos get 59.3% more clicks than images. – Writers Block
  9. It’s time for captions. According to Facebook video views statistics, 92% of people watch videos with the sound off. – Writers Block
  10. 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound – Digiday
  11. 75% of marketers using video content on Linkedin say it is a successful tactic, 55% said they would continue – Wyzowl
  12. YouTube has the best ROI for video content, followed by Facebook and Instagram. –  Biteable
  13. Youtube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine, behind Google – Motion Arts Media
  14. 50.9% of B2B decision-makers use YouTube to research purchases – Hootsuite

Video Length Statistics

Learn more about how long should a video be.

  1. 73% of Videos Are Two Minutes or Less in Length – Convince and Convert
  2. 58% of viewers watch a business-related video all the way through if it’s less than 60 seconds Vidyard, 2021
  3. The average length of all business-related videos is just over six minutes Vidyard, 2021
  4. Longer form video content (over 20 minutes in length) grew 66% in 2020 Vidyard, 2021
  5. Videos that are an average of 26 seconds receive the most comments on Instagram Animoto, 2020

Consumer Video Review Statistics

  1. By 2020, ​​82% of all consumer web traffic will be video – Cisco
  2. Meanwhile, 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily. – Techjury
  3. People Watch the Most Videos in the Mornings if It’s a Weekday – Convince and Convert
  4. ​​Text stories containing images receive 94% more viewsMedium
  5. 75% of viewers visit a company’s website after viewing a branded video. – Medium
  6. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text- Insivia
  7. 46% of people remember details from a text email, but 59% of people remember details from a video within an email Vidyard, 2021
  8. People watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week – Bottle Rocket Media
  9. More than 55% of shoppers use online video while actually shopping in a store – Google
  10. Video allows consumers to view, hear and feel the content on a far deeper emotional level than just commenting or posting. – Linkedin

Stay informed and ready, knowing the best questions to ask before creating a video.

The video journey is yours to take on. When you are ready to start your video projects, connect with a video production team specializing in all things video. From video production services, motion graphics services, or event video production. Start your project before you get left behind.

Types of Videos to Elevate Your Brand

What has the potential to easily differentiate you from your competition and show who you are? Video content. Video is the type of content that makes space for branding, information, and storytelling, but in a captivating and creative manner. Companies everywhere are investing more funds than ever before in this area of content development because you can elevate your brand with video.

According to Magisto, in 2018 American businesses intended to spend a whopping $135 billion on digital video. Imagine what this number is today! According to Wyzowl, in 2021 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool compared to 63% in 2018. Video is the wave of the present and the future. So how do you make sure you elevate your brand with video and what type of video content should you be creating, you ask? Read on. 

1. Create A Promotional Video

When you have a story to share, a sale to promote, a product launch, or you simply want to build awareness around your marketing initiatives, create a promotional video to elevate your brand. Having a clear message to share with your audience engagingly can make a significant difference in connecting with your audience. Learn more about what should be included in your promotional video

2. Create a Testimonial Video

These days before making a decision, consumers are likely to do their due diligence and research reviews or testimonials for any given brand.  72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business, says BigCommerce, and according to Search Engine Watch, 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review. 

To stay ahead of the game and to make it easy for your prospective customers to select your business, create a short testimonial video or a variety of testimonial videos that feature your customers or clients as they highlight their experience with your brand. You will be surprised how valuable and impactful having these videos on your social timeline and website will be in increasing conversions. 

3. Create an Explainer or How-To Video

Videos are a favorable content source for many because of the versatility of messaging and storytelling displayed in a visually appealing way. When thinking about elevating your brand with video, consider creating an explainer video that can showcase exactly what your product does, how your brand operates, and how to best utilize your product with a step-by-step how-to video. There are plenty of tutorial videos to choose from when it comes to DIY, but determining a script to follow, a storyboard, and adding illustrious graphics to better describe your brand and product will help you to stand out from the crowd of competitors. 

4. Create a Motion Graphic Video

Videos are a great way to entertain your audience while also experientially informing them. Motion graphics have grown more popular and are widely used by brands and marketers because the complexity of messaging can easily be broken down via motion graphics. 

5. Create a Unique Opening

Most of us can remember the opening visual of Disney movies, Dreamworks, or Universal. You have probably memorized The Golden Girls theme song too (Thank you for being a friend)! No matter the length of your video, or the type, you can create a unique opener designated specifically for your brand videos. The more videos you share with the same opener, the more memorable your impression on your audience. 

Remember, elevating your brand story with video is about creating visuals to introduce your marketing initiatives, product launch, building brand awareness, and, most importantly, to separate you from your competitors. A high-quality, talented video production team will partner with you to create the ideal video to elevate your brand and initiate your vision.

From concept to delivery we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media, motion graphics services, or how we differ because of our Rocket Sauce, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

3 Tips To Consider When Creating a Promotional Video For Your Liquor Brand

Imagine…the sexiness and simplicity of your branded bottle featured on a marble counter. With a glass sitting beside it, a splash of liquid flows out, a slow-motion clip shows the pour of your liquor landing graciously into a glass. She picks it up. Hands-on glass, face anticipating satisfaction, poised and prepared, she takes a sip – the look of fulfillment on her face is priceless. 

This is just the beginning of one of your promotional videos – a piece of your brand experience.

We are here to help you as you captivate your audience with a visual representation of your brand’s lifestyle. Read on for 3 tips to consider as you create a brand video for your liquor brand.

1. What’s Your Story?

Whether you have a desire to express, explain, or expose your story really doesn’t matter. You must recognize that doing so will be fundamental in connecting with your audience on a level that sticks. There is so much to choose from these days, so people want and need to know who you are: the ups, the downs, and ultimately the reasons for your creation. It is important to share the ways in which you got to the place you are today. 

Liquor may seem like an industry able to skip this step, but not so much. Buyers are more conscious these days, and the desires of their purchases must match their morals and values. In order to master the mind of your audience, you must be willing, to tell the truth of your story. Through video, you can do so without having a long-winded conversation. Just produce clips of information that resonate with the public, ready to sip on your beverage. The following segments are the most important to tackle in your video clips.

2. What’s The Lifestyle You Want To Represent

I don’t know about you, but the new Corona commercials with Snoop Dogg have taken over my screen for the past month or so! When you see them, you immediately know what the image means. Snoop has a cool vibe about him; he is speaking in rhythmic lyrics, the beach is the setting, and the beer is what tops the cake! Can we all agree this is the message and the lifestyle represented? As a brand, you should know what you want and represent before creating a video. Doing so will allow your message to easily transcend beyond video and into the lives of your audience. They will relish in the lifestyle, and unbeknownst to them, they will attempt to recreate the feeling seen in your video in their real lives!

Director credit: Mark Cwiakala

3. Think About The Best Ways To Promote

How will you get the word out? What would make the most sense for your story, your branded lifestyle, and your audience? Do you see yourself paying the big bucks to broadcast your video as a commercial on national television stations? Are you looking to post on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, or maybe make some snippets available on TikTok? The world is your oyster, but you must be clear on the most fitting place to display the branded experience that is unique to your brand. When you consider the best platforms to showcase your branded liquor promotional video experience, connect with your video production company and ensure they are aware of the content you need. Consider the following points:

When the creativity of the video production process becomes a bit overwhelming, connect with a team that would be eager to get your brand’s message across the right way! We love all things video, and we do it all! Discovery, scripting, storyboards, audio design, casting on-camera talent, audio design, and even animation. Reach out to chat about how we can make the brand video that knocks your socks off!

Save Your Video Campaign With Post Production During Covid-19

If you’re like us, you make videos; everyday, all day long. But what do you do when your planned six month long video campaign gets shelved indefinitely? Or your web series gets halted in the middle of production? Turning to post production during Covid-19 can help save your video campaign.

The magic of post production is often overshadowed by the allure of the production scene – Cameras, lights, microphones… ACTION!

But when you peel back the layers of video storytelling you will find a world of resources that will allow you to keep delivering your message without leaving your Coronavirus bunker.

Here are a few great ways to continue making movie magic by turning to post production during Covid-19.

1. Stock Footage

Gone are the days of swimsuit models in white lab coats being passed off as medical footage. In case you haven’t been paying attention, over the last five years the quality and the quantity of great stock footage libraries has grown considerably.

The Old Ways Versus The New Way

The general sites, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, Dissolve, or Filmpac have stepped up their games, for sure, by constantly updating their libraries with more high quality material. But also, if you dig a little deeper you will find pre-made collections geared around topics like diversity or Baby Boomers. The opportunities to create visual stories are endless.

2. Stock Music

Some days I think there are more stock music libraries than there are musicians. It is really amazing what you can find if you are willing to spend a little time hunting down the “perfect” track.  Talented musicians making music, all over the world.  That’s the landscape the digital age has provided for us music consumers.

You can find soundalikes, such as this one reminiscent of Coldplay, from Universal Production Music. You can find obscure culturally motivated tracks like this unique interpretation of Tchaikovsky. Or you can simply type in “Rock” and party all weekend long.

Bottle Rocket Media Music

Good sites will allow you to narrow down your search using keywords or tags. Great sites will provide you with stems, individual instruments of a song isolated for easy editing.

And let the stock professionals give you a hand. Most stock sites offer real live representatives who will assist you on your searches. Utilize this. The libraries are vast and the process can be overwhelming, especially when you are on a tight timeline.

3. Motion Graphics

Stock motion graphics are a resource, but good luck finding the fonts and an animated style that matches your brand.

At Bottle Rocket Media we believe that custom motion graphics is the best way to get these stock products to conform to your brand attitude and deliver your brand message. Look at how we combined stock footage with custom graphics in this company video for Drivin.

When considering all the reasons motion graphic videos are awesome, any day of the week, you should really read our last blog, pre Covid-19 – 5 REASONS YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO BE CREATING MOTION GRAPHICS VIDEOS.

But if you don’t want to read it, here’s what it says. Motion graphics videos are awesome!  They are a great mechanism for:

4. Customized Voice Over

The digital age has arrived and with it came online alcohol delivery, the ability for major corporations to work from home during a crisis, and remote voiceover recording.

Recording custom voiceover is easier than ever with operators like Just like any other service online, you can order up a voiceover session at the click of a button.

Every professional VO artist has a home recording studio and every professional VO artist is connected to the world wide web. And, bonus, you can direct and record the session over the phone! You no longer need to break those pesky social distancing rules by cramming together into a tiny sound proof booth.

5. Hiring a Post Production Team that knows their stuff

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Invest in a post production team whose videos impress you. Check out their work. Talk to them, ask questions. The right team will understand your vision and maybe even take it to places you never dreamed.

You are marketing experts and advertising giants. You are great at your job. So look for a post production team who is just as good. This team will likely have years of experience and expertise to lock step with you and get creative.  Working together you’ll make video gold.

We use each of these elements every day. And used together we can really tell a compelling story, allowing you to fill the gaps in your current video campaign or start something new that is as dynamic as you want it to be. These elements are high quality, professional and might just save the day. If you are interested in turning to post production during COVID-19 contact Bottle Rocket Media.

On Set with Bottle Rocket Media

From two-day shoots featuring free ice cream for the cast & crew to a series of really cool 3D models being designed in-house for a client, spring has officially sprung for the team at Bottle Rocket Media.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to the past few weeks!

We shot a series of videos for Dyson at two Chicago salons over the course of two days. Each location provided its challenges (hellooo mirrors), but the team overcame each one gracefully – making for a fun, rewarding shoot.

Director: Dan Fisher | Producer: Siobhan Summers | DP: Andy Stegmeyer | Assistant Camera: Nick Silva | Audio: Tyler  Lang | HMU: Jayciee Ganek | Set Design: Jim Lichon | Stylist: Becca Nino | Script PA: Jack Cronin | Camera PA: Corey Henderson | PA & BTS Photos: Amy Davila | Editors: Dave Sarno & Tre Manchester 

We also did a two-day shoot in Gurnee, Illinois, for Second City Works. It happened to line up perfectly with Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, which some of the cast and crew have dubbed “the best day ever.”

This unique, vlog-styled shoot allowed us to shoot around 20 pages of script per day! Yep, the crew killed it every step of the way – even burning off calories from all the free ice cream while chasing after kids and running across the resort for gear (at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves).

Director: Brett Singer | Producer: Siobhan Summers | Assistant Director/BTS Photos: Dan Fisher | DP: Josh Tallo | Audio: Tyler  Lang | AC: Jordan Kantola | Grip: Adrian DiGiovanni | Set Design: Jim Lichon | Stylist: Becca Nino | HMU: Jayciee Ganek | Production Assistant/BTS Photos: Amy Davila | 


Last year, we were fortunate enough to work on a campaign for a very popular appliance brand. Guess we did a good job, as they recently contacted us to shoot some pickups! In no time, we got the team back together, rolled into Oakbrook Center in Chicago, set up the jib and did our thing.

Director: Joel Kapity | Assistant Director: Dan Fisher | DP: Josh Tallo | AC: Erik Bjella | Producer: Siobhan Summers | Art Director: Jim Lichon | HMU: Jaycie Ganek | Production Assistant: Jordan Kantola | BTS Photos by: Dan Fisher | Editor: Dave Sarno 

Client Spotlight | Carol’s Cookies

Meet Carol’s Cookies

Bottle Rocket Media offers a taste of what it’s like to work with one of Chicago’s most in-demand purveyors of all-natural gourmet eats. With almost 40 years of operations under its belt, Carol’s Cookies met the production team with both a seasoned “understanding of marketing and video,” and a monster success story to share with the world. The end result is an intimate portrait of a family business – and a slightly heavier crew.

Bottle Rocket Media founder, Dan Fisher, spotlights the added value of working with a vice president that “gets” production: “Our partnership with Carol’s Cookies wouldn’t be nearly as productive without direct collaboration with Jeff Goldman – son of Carol. He is one of those rare clients that holds a true understanding of marketing and video, and how to maximize his spend. Plus, his passion for the family business keeps him engaged, which makes working with him and his team a lot of fun.”

Like many other creative adventures in video, Bottle Rocket Media’s work with Carol’s Cookies took a few twists and turns along the way “to become even more impactful than originally conceived,” adds Fisher. What initially presented itself as a company overview became more of an intimate portrait once the team arrived on site and “felt the love” for Carol and her 30-plus employees all with the same mission: to make the best cookie, by hand.

After a concept was pinpointed, a few technical hurdles remained as they almost always do in the world of video production—this is where Bottle Rocket Media’s collective shooting knowledge shines through: “We thrive on overcoming obstacles and coming away with new ideas on every project,” Fisher continues. “The big challenge on this one was shooting around a giant Cookie Monster mural that took over almost the entire background at the brand’s HQ. The interviews had to be extraordinarily coordinated. Thanks to Brett’s [Brett Singer, Co Director and Business Partner] ingenuity there’s not even a sliver of it in the final video.”

Framing aside, the experience’s overall smooth tone was set from the very beginning: “We sat down with the client and got to know more about Carol’s Cookies by asking questions and soaking up the history,” Fisher says. “Because of Jeff’s open-door attitude, our team was able to gain valuable insight into the how and why behind the brand. Once we started filming, we let the story lead the way.”

This was not the team’s first engagement with infamous Chicago cookie queen; Bottle Rocket Media has also partnered with the client on a series of videos in which Carol surprises people at work. “Both engagements were a pleasure,” Fisher adds. “Especially since Jeff allows us to be creative and always use our expertise to up the ante and upgrade the content.”

According to Goldman, the feelings are mutual: “People always say that you can have it done quickly, cost effectively, or have high quality – but, you can’t have all three. Well, Bottle Rocket proves those people wrong,” he asserts. “[Carol’s Cookies] searched for a firm that could communicate the handmade beauty of our cookies without breaking the bank—you have to sell a lot of cookies to pay for a big campaign. Bottle Rocket was able to meet a strict deadline, stay within budget and create material that is relatively timeless. They made us feel comfortable on camera – which helped it feel natural, yielding an excellent end product. We can’t wait to do another fun project like this with their team.”

“We also look forward to more projects in the future with Jeff and his team,” Fisher concludes. “The cookies are amazing, by the way. Our next challenge will be figuring out how to not gain weight during production.”

Ways To Include CTA’s In Videos

The Bottle Rocket Media team was having a very serious conversation about ice cream sandwiches today when my colleague so eloquently said, “there’s really no better ice cream delivery vehicle than the chocolate cake-like biscuit of an ice cream sandwich.” I agree wholeheartedly. How is this relevant to video marketing? The perfect delivery vehicle – for ice cream, it’s the sandwich, for a marketing call-to-action (CTA), it’s video.

A call-to-action is a button or link that guides your viewer, your lead, and encourages them to take the next step. And, there is no better way to deliver a CTA than video. Here are some tips to do it well.

Know your “why.” Make sure you have a very clear, single objective. Don’t get muddied up in asking too much of your viewer. Be clear on what you want your audience to do next.
And…action! You know what you want your audience to do next, now ask them to act on it. “Click here,” “Download,” “Watch another video,” “Press to buy,” “Share.” We did a piece for Dyson where Dyson was very clear on what they wanted their viewers to do next: “Click here to find the Dyson air purifier that’s right for you.”
According to Idea Rocket (hey, cool name!), marketers should craft their CTA in the form of a simple command: “Download My Book,” and give people a straight simple path to conversion. So true. Consider the simple path the path most taken.
Remember that your CTA should offer something of value to your audience. Think of it as an invitation for more information. A great example of this is Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club seems to always nail their marketing and their call to action on their landing page is no exception. The value add? Great shave. Delivered. Simple and to the point. Their invitation? Try us for just $1. How great is that? You can get a great shave with their product without having to make a commitment and only spending a buck.

Craving more inspiration (or an ice cream sandwich)? HubSpot compiled a list of examples of effective CTA’s. Each one is creative and strategic in guiding the viewer through a buying journey. All are simple and some have really catchy action phrases. Give us a call and let’s talk about how to bring your call-to-action to life in video — over ice cream sandwiches. (No joke. We take video and ice cream very seriously here at BRM HQ), who said you can’t have it all?

6 Powerful Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

Video marketing has rapidly started becoming the preferred form of marketing for many businesses. There is a good reason for this, with easy access to video-based platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube, businesses have found avenues to educate, inspire and entertain in mere seconds.

The option to produce any type of video content has also been greatly simplified. Now, all you need is a mobile phone and you are on your way to produce your next content masterpiece. That said, professional video continues to trump the mobile device video creation process.

The increased accessibility coupled with the need to stand out has prompted many marketers to re-invent, using a form of marketing that is engaging and fast; Video Marketing, and professional video marketing.

What exactly is Video Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Video marketing is a marketing practice that uses versatile and engaging content in a video format to engage, inspire, inform and educate the masses. These videos can be produced using various editing software and can be hosted on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Wyzowl reports that marketers experience an 87% increase in traffic to their website because of video marketing. Videos are the champion when it comes to engaging the viewers and converting them into leads.

That’s all great…

But, how big of an impact can Video Marketing make?

In 2020 video marketing peaked, uplifting both small and large businesses. Elyse Breanne Design being one of them, a small online stationery shop that experienced a 600% increase in retail sales after a Tiktok video of the business went viral.

The video-based platform, Tiktok, worked its magic on a European budget airline as well. The company, Ryan Air, racked up 139k followers on social media due to its engaging video content, helping the company build a strong brand persona online.

Now, these are just a few examples of the power video marketing holds. The impact of good video marketing extends well beyond just increased sales and brand recognition, although these benefits are pretty neat too.

If you are still skeptical, maybe these reasons will help you change your mind.

1. Video Marketing Delivers High Returns For Minimum Effort

With cheap, portable filming equipment and easy-to-use software tools, producing content is less of a hassle these days. Videos with high production value can be made in days, and sometimes in hours. Effort and time exerted are greatly reduced. How about the impact? Does it reflect the minimum effort applied? Turns out, no.

Viewers report a 95% message retention after watching the content in a video format. Marketers have also observed that good video content can directly increase sales by 80%, a phenomenon we observe in the Elyse Breanne Design case as well.

2. Videos Make for Awesome SEO

Search engine platforms favor video content. This preference for video content means many things. For starters, Google includes YouTube videos on the first page boosting a brand’s organic visibility. Additionally, videos on websites and blogs can help in on-page engagement, enabling better ranking on Google due to improved On-Page SEO.

3. Videos Help You Stay Competitive

Consumers are inundated by content daily, considering that an average adult spends 3 hours on their phones, it’s not shocking to assume that most people are experiencing content overload. In such times, businesses need to cut through this noise and stand out. The unique characteristics of video content can help with this. Using complementary elements like audio, animation, or others, video content can help businesses set themselves apart.

4. Consumers Prefer Videos

Busy, fast-paced lives and short attention spans have led people to value video content even more. Nearly nine out of ten people prefer to see video content from brands. This makes videos an excellent tool for brand awareness and lead generation.

5. Videos Allow for Better Storytelling

Features on social media platforms have allowed marketers to unlock a unique dynamic with their consumers. Snapchat stories, Instagram stories have been used to personalize the interaction and form relationships with the customers. Whereas, long-form videos on YouTube are being used to educate and commercialize promotions. Videos have allowed businesses to show multi-faceted versions of themselves, storytelling their process, their journey and helping them establish a complex yet strong connection with their consumers.

6. Videos Help Earn The Trust

Video marketers have observed a reduction in the number of support calls once they started marketing educational and informative videos. While the direct impact of video marketing can be experienced in sales such as lead generation and increased conversion rate,. 43 % of video marketers have seen the benefits extend well beyond that. ideos have helped educate consumers, reduce brand and product confusion and build a solid transparent foundation of trust.


Video marketing fulfills the needs of businesses today with its unique attributes, videos can educate, inform and entertain in seconds. It cuts through the noise, delivers a clear message, and promotes sales. With all these benefits, it is safe to assume that videos will be the present and the future of content marketing.

We are thrilled and especially honored to have hundreds of great reviews and to be ranked highly on reputable review sites: Clutch, UpCity, and Wimgo. Check us out and know, we want you to make the most informed decision as you choose the team that fits your video vision best.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media for Video Marketing

Companies and brands continue to focus marketing strategy and dollars on social media efforts. Why? Because that’s where the eyes are. What should you put in front of those eyes? Video. Social media videos are a wildly effective and impactful tactic in content marketing strategy. All eyes are on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media video marketing is vital for business today because consumers like to watch videos more than they like to read text.

Our top 5 Reasons why you should use social media for video marketing.

#1 Videos hold dominance on social media

Here are some stats from

When deciding how to grab the attention of your audience, creating social media video is where it’s at.

#2 Engagement

We’ve heard over and over that visual content is the key to great engagement, and these days consumers are deep into social media, so let’s meet them where they are and utilize this space for video marketing. When considering posts for your upcoming Social Strategy Calendar, think video: audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on social media video content than blogs or related social posts.

#3 Video+Social+Mobile = the cat’s pajamas

Video and mobile go hand in hand. And you know there is a mobile device in those hands. 90% of consumers watch videos on their devices. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. As smartphone users continue to grow, your video audience will also. It’s pretty clear that people love to consume videos on the go.

#4 Direct connection with your consumer

There’s no better way to demonstrate your product or service than to demonstrate it. Video on social media creates an intimate connection with your audience daily. It’s new and fresh, it doesn’t get stale simply living on your website. Keep it short and to the point, and you’re winning. Experience matters. As users’ attention spans shrink, creatives should pack a punch onto a small package. Make it count.

#5 Track analytics

The beauty of posting your marketing videos on social media is that they have built-in analytics tracking to see if your marketing video is performing well or, more importantly, if it isn’t. This data is marketing gold. It will only help you improve your business.

Bottle Rocket Media would be happy to help you create and produce your marketing video for social media. Get in touch with us today.

Product Videos and Marketing

Product videos can increase sales while helping viewers understand what your brand is about

Product videos give customers a close look at what your company is selling, which translates into big boosts in sales for retailers. These videos showcase your products in various ways, helping your audience understand why they should want to buy from your brand. This can drive sales and foster a closer connection with their consumers. Here’s why your company should be investing in product videos right now.

Video Can Boost Your Sales

Making a product video can help your company as much as it helps your customer. Online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos has seen huge growth since they started using videos to make their customers feel more secure about buying products they can’t touch or try on. The brand has found it sells between 6 and 30% more of an item when there’s a product description video to go with it, according to a Business Insider report. In fact, people who watch a product video are 64-85% more likely to buy an item, according to Kissmetrics.

Telling a Story With Product Videos

There are many ways you can show off everything your product can do for your customer in a video. Some product videos showcase features; others will tell a story.

The above clip for American Girl followed girls as they learned about the doll company’s Truly Me feature, which lets them create custom clothing for their American Girl dolls. The girls experimented with Truly Me, giving video viewers a chance to see how the feature works and how much joy it can bring to children. Then there are “how-to” videos, like the one project Bottle Rocket Media did to highlight the easy-to-use features of a new Danze faucet. See below.

These videos show people how to use a new product while highlighting the product’s key selling points. Products can also feature testimonials from previous happy customers while displaying the merchandise, showing new viewers why they should be interested in a product.

Why 360 Video Can Make Your Product Videos Pop Out

A 360-degree video offers customers the most immersive way to view your product and brand’s story from every angle. In general, 360-degree videos receive more interactions, including shares on social media that can help you find more customers. They also have a higher view-through rate than standard, “flat” videos, keeping customers interested in what you’re selling. 360 videos allow your audience to fall in love with your merchandise, buy a product and connect with your brand. Common hang-ups to buying online stem from an inability to examine a product from every angle or surprise—and disappointment—when their purchase arrives and doesn’t meet their expectations. 360-degree video is as close to handling or trying something on for yourself.

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