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The 4 Stages of Video Production

Stages of Video Production

It shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that people watch 16 hours of videos online per week – think YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This stat shows video popularity is growing tremendously, so there is a sure need for more videos, more creativity, and more video production. Influencers, brands, and companies are all reaching for new ways to entertain and inform their following and potential consumers. So, wherever you stand in your career or interest in video content, it’s important to be along for the video consumption ride and not to get left behind. Although we all see the trends of so many capturing video content on their handy dandy mobile devices, please note that many essential ingredients go into creating a captivating and professional-grade quality video. 

The truth is videos are only as effective as their production value, and the great production value is a result of following a set of processes. Even the most creative concepts and ideas can fall flat without a good production process. Let’s delve into it…

Importance of video content

Video content continues to gain buzz in marketing because of its intrigue and diversity of storytelling. You can present your story or plot in so many different forms producing an endless determination of emotions; it just depends on your goals.  Video provides versatility in the form of scripts, characters, and formats to appeal to different demographics. Proven to improve brand retention, videos can help solidify brand image and make a lasting impact on your audience, and we know this is your jam. 

Stages of Video Production

Given the benefits of videos, production of it has immense value. 

Moving parts that include technical assets and knowledgeable manpower are all essential components of video production to deliver a compelling final result. The final video produced is the culmination of the production stages where ideation, effort, and editing occur. This is a simplified explanation of what video production is. It all started with the rfp process and moved into the fun part of true video production. In reality, video production stages can be quite complex. 

Here, we have broken down these often complex stages into digestible components:

1. Pre-Production

This phase is where you gather knowledge, technical assets, client requirements, ideas, strategies, audience requirements, budget, and goals. 

2. During Production

This is when the action happens, quite literally. 

The main task in this phase is capturing the project assets. The production phase is time-sensitive. Usually, contingency plans are necessary to ensure this phase runs smoothly and the production does not run overtime or over budget. A shooting schedule developed in pre-production gives a blueprint to prioritize what is necessary. 

Production requires a lot of organization and managerial expertise, especially during light and scene set-ups. Hence, shooting days have individuals with specific expertise involved. It is common to have directors, producers,  writers (sometimes), set design specialists,  lighting, makeup artists and hairstylists, continuity specialists, and of course, talent on-set at any given time. The complexities of the production phase and the number of people involved rely heavily on the initial production plan, the script, the actors, and the intention of the video. 

Formats can also affect the complexity of production. Explainer videos could take mere hours, whereas mainstream commercials could take a lot longer because of the complexities and details needed.

Each and every story requires layers. Most require b-roll footage, extra footage to support the overall story and assist with smooth transitions. 

3. Post-Production

The magic of post-production includes many ingredients. This step of video production involves utilizing editing software to color grade and add relevant music and animation. The finishing touches are made during post-production and can make or break the video. In this phase, the story is tightened to reflect the intended mission.  Errors are recognized and adjusted. Sequences come together, b-roll footage is included, and the video production team, along with their client, will review, suggest edits or feedback and move to approval before the final delivery of the video.

4. Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and distribution are an understated but equally important part of video production. Stages of video production are incomplete without the video reaching the correct audience, right? At this stage, the project is handed over to the marketing team, who decides their preferred form of distribution. Social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, are usually used to appeal to a younger demographic, whereas for older demographics, distribution usually occurs on a mass level in the form of commercialized TV ads or even via email to a larger audience base.

Keep in mind all production companies approach video making with different processes, but the overall objective of these processes is to ensure a sense of accountability, quality, and reassurance when a video is being produced. A quality video is a collective effort of a production team that has an easy-to-understand process that relies on simple execution to match the client’s needs.

You are primed to make magic happen when you find trust and talent in your video production team. 

We are thrilled and especially honored to have hundreds of great reviews and be ranked highly on reputable sites: Clutch, UpCity, and Wimgo. Check us out and know we want you to make the most informed decision as you choose the team that fits your video production services needs. We are here for you when you are ready for your next video production project.

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Video Production Questions To Ask Before Creating a Video

Are you one of those people that gets caught up scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok feed and somehow ends up watching far too many videos? Have you noticed the number of sponsored ads popping up as you scroll?  And although you don’t need the products or services, you watch them anyway? Yeah, you are not alone. It’s a thing, an addiction, that we all love to be a part of. According to Wordstream, people watch an average of 16 hours of video a week, which is a 52% increase in the last two years! 

The time is now! No need to ponder any longer, the video is in, and your content should be part of the mix. But before you get started on your video journey, here are some things to consider and, of course, ask yourself. 

Let’s get to it… 7 questions to ask before creating a video

1. What Is The Purpose?

Yes, this seems obvious, but far too many brands have no clue about the purpose of their videos. They just want one. Well, everything needs to have an identifiable purpose, and I hate to tell ya, video is no exception. Your purpose could be profound or shallow, but either way, determining that purpose will determine the direction and ways you get your point across. Let’s consider the purpose of a few videos that have defined their purpose in a great way.  The new Puma commercials introduce the #shemovesyou initiative. 

The video displays various female athletes, musicians, and artists that all have the credibility and means to encourage viewers to be powerful. The entire commercial motivates and encourages Puma’s purchase to be viewed in the same light. 

The documentary promo for Fake Famous on HBO does a great job of capturing your attention with color, personality, and a Hollywood mood quite promptly. 

Both examples want you to feel a certain way, and the environment, talent, voice, and presentation all conclude the desired emotion. Both have a purpose. Puma wants to get you motivated to purchase the Puma brand, and Fake Famous wants the viewer to be so interested in the promo video that they get excited to take a moment to search for exactly where it will be broadcasted and when!

This video produced by Bottle Rocket Media about the Chicago Public School Annual Budget did a great job using motion graphics within an explainer video to detail components that are not necessarily compelling to everyone’s budgets. Not many of us really want to watch a video on budgeting or how it’s done, but doing so in video form is a great way to deliver sometimes uninteresting, complex information in a fascinating way. 

Whatever you decide for your purpose, just make sure it makes sense and is easy to deliver in video form. Next up…

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

It’s not about what you want but about your target audience. Your audience will determine the engagement, likes, shares, and purchases, so you want to appeal to them. The answer to this question should be known by everyone on your team, and it’s never too late to communicate it, whether it be the marketing, sales team, or both. The conversation is meant to determine the story and persona of your decided target. Having this in place will make it extremely easy to transition into your marketing efforts, your marketing spend on Google or Facebook, and if you decide to pursue influencer marketing, knowing your persona will help you decide on the type of influencers to seek out. 

Example persona for a new running shoe with arch support:

Diane is a 32-year-old Executive Assistant for a Real Estate Developer making $65,000 a year. Diane works from 8 am-6:30 pm daily. She takes public transportation to work, which means she walks from her home every day to the bus. She doesn’t mind the walk considering she enjoys being active. To give herself some personal time, she wakes up early at 6 am every day and runs in her neighborhood for 30 mins. She has noticed that the run that once used to be easy leaves her back aching. Her best friend mentioned during their daily call that she might need some new shoes. Diane considers her friend right and starts researching the best running shoes. 

Diane seems like the perfect candidate for the new running show coming out, and there are many other Diane’s out there that have the same story or related story. When you have your target audience down, it is much easier to plan the best way to create a video and how because you are looking at the video from the perspective of your target persona and not through your own lenses. Remember, it’s not always about you!

3. Will This Video Be Used For a Campaign?

Now that you know your video’s purpose and target audience, what do you plan to do with this video? Will it be a part of an upcoming marketing campaign? Are you looking to release it during a launch or an event? These are all important questions to ask yourself so you can establish the following:

Knowing the above will help simplify the scope and video creation process for you and your video production team. 

Learn ways to elevate your brand with video and select the best video type to choose for your brand.

4. Where Will Your Video Be Shot?

Setting matters. When you are prepared to create a video, you know your target audience and the purpose of your video; it is important to ensure the setting and environment your video will be shot in represents all of the above. Documentaries are typically shot in the natural environment of the topic, while interviews can be done in a studio with a solid background. You want to make sure the lighting is right, the setting makes sense for your purpose, and the entire visual represents exactly what you want to convey. 

5. Who Will Approve Your Video?

This question may seem obvious, but critique and feedback are pivotal in the video creation process. The person(s) to approve the video should know the message the best and should be detail-oriented and critical about ensuring the purpose is being accomplished within the video structure. 

6. What Is Your Video Budget?

Videos can get extremely creative and have all the bells and whistles to stand out from your competition. All the excitement you desire may not be within your budget, so it is important to be realistic about what you want and what you are willing to spend. Just know, just like with everything else, an experienced video production team will be higher in pricing but more professional, productive, and able to handle all your needs. We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.”

7. How Will You Measure Results?

When you spend money on a video project, no matter the budget, you are likely looking to see some results. The question is how you will be measuring your desired results. Considering this question should be a part of the video planning process. Before your video is completed, think about your selected campaign strategy for your video and contemplate what would make the most sense when measuring your video’s success. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you measuring views?
  2. Are you measuring clicks?
  3. Are you measuring the length of time your audience views the video?
  4. Are you measuring conversions?
  5. Are you measuring leads?

After responding to the above, it is time to pick your main priority. There can be a secondary priority to measure as well, but know the point of measuring results is to ensure your spending and the creativity within the video are working. If it is, continue using your video for your campaign, and if it is not working, you may want to go back to the drawing board and reconsider the audience, tone, messaging, and content you deliver.

So are you ready to get started? Are you ready to get to the part where you share your video and everyone is so impressed and coming to you for video advice? You are almost there! Check us out and know, we want you to make the most informed decision as you choose the team that fits your video vision best. When you are ready for your next video production project, we are here for you. 

How To Make Your Videos More Impactful

Video stats are hard to ignore these days. Video plays an integral role in our lives and this will not be ending anytime soon.  Marketing strategies that do not incorporate video are missing out on a real opportunity to connect to an audience. Viewers and buyers alike want to see more. According to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video from a brand or business they support. This means consumers want to share in your brand experience. Video is the best way to generate the buzz you desire for brand awareness. So, your video should make an impact. One that cuts through the clutter, and one that is undeniable. 

Your Video Should Make An Impact

We’ve all seen the videos that somehow make you sob or the video that requires you to sit back in amusement, or the videos that cause you to go down an endless rabbit hole of watching more from that creator or brand. There are videos that leave you with a true sense of satisfaction, and videos that trigger you to desire more or purchase…more. The point is…these are the videos that make an impact, and friends, your video should make an impact too.

How To Make A Compelling Video

1. Have A Plan

We all know having a distinct understanding of your purpose and plan is essential. Doing the same for your video content is no different. Your purpose and plan will help you to create and determine exactly what is needed. This is the perfect time to consider who your target audience is and what would be the most effective way to gain their attention. Think about the persona of your target audience and how to convey your message in a visual way that would be appealing to them.

2. Consider Your Story

Life is about storytelling,” says Meghan Markle. Every brand differentiates itself by its story so make sure to tell the story that is unique to you. Tell the story of your founder, your brand, product, or organization, and connect your audience to who you are.

3. Make Your Video Engaging

There are trends and gimmicks that can be used when thinking about how to make your video engaging. The most important facet to remember is authenticity and technique. There are video techniques known by professional video production teams that can illuminate messaging, whether it is camera angles, lighting, motion graphics, talent, and audio, there are various components that can create a lasting impression and impact. 

4. Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

The first piece of content shared needs to grab the attention of your audience. Make the still of your video enticing. If there is text, make sure it is captivating. If there is a voice, ensure the voice will resonate with your audience. If there is music playing in the background of your video, make sure the tune appeals to your audience. We all know there is so much content to select from. Your effort of grabbing the attention of your audience should always be your main priority and goal.

5. Keep Your Video Short

Your video has an important purpose, whether it be brand awareness, engagement, or conversions.  In order to reach your goals, your audience must be satisfied with your video content enough to even watch it through. When making your video content, remember TikTok’s 15-second videos are popular for a reason. Instagram’s 30-second reels and 1-minute stories are easily viewable and captivating because of many reasons, but mostly because of time, and efficiency. Keep your videos short and efficient with a clear purpose.

Creative energy is needed when you make a decision to produce an impactful video. It’s not meant to be difficult, but unique. It’s not meant to be boring, but exceptionally fun. An impactful video will create a surge of emotions, and a surge of actions for your target audience, and you get to choose what it is that would work best with your video viewers. Worry less, trust more, and remember your video should make an impact. 

When you find trust and talent in your video production team, you are primed to make magic happen. 

We are thrilled and especially honored to have hundreds of great reviews and to be ranked highly on reputable review sites: Clutch, UpCity, and Wimgo. Check us out and know, we want you to make the most informed decision as you choose the team that fits your video vision best. When you are ready for your next video production project, we are here for you. 

How To Create A Promotional Video

If you could present your brand or product in a way that triggers your audience to do whatever you would like for them to do, would you jump at the chance? Sure you would, right?  A promo video is known to do just that. So the question arises, how do I create a promotional video? Read on to learn more, but first…

What is a Promo Video?

A promo video is a short teaser with the purpose of building awareness of a marketing campaign, a sale, a product launch, or even a branding initiative. A promo video must have a compelling message to drive your audience while also motivating them to engage and learn more. 

Check out 8 Outstanding Promotional Videos From Meero

When Should You Use A Promo Video?

A promo video is most effective when you have a clear message and objective. Simplicity is best when coming up with a concept and vision for an impactful promotional video. 

As you consider creating a promo video, ask yourself what you want your audience to do. Do you have a sale coming up, and you need more buyers? Are you wanting to gain additional leads for a specific service offering? Are you launching a new product? Maybe you want to build more engagement on your Instagram page? Or maybe you have a current database, but they are not as involved in your content as they once were? A promo video related to your target audience’s needs could tip them over the edge to get engaged with your business. Whatever your goals are, ensure you have a conclusive reason for creating a promo video, and a clear message to present. 

What Makes A Good Promo Video?

The foundation of a good convincing promo video is the message, the content, and the quality. 

Be clear – confusion limits conversions. If you want your audience to do what you want, you provide them with easily digestible content. So when creating your promo video, think from the audience’s perspective. What matters to them? What needs do they have? What wants are you satisfying?  Get a handle on that then clearly depict the answers in your promo video. 

Keep it short – remember a promo video is meant to be a teaser, not a full movie. Most promo videos are 30 seconds, no more than a minute. Create your promo video with the understanding that all of our attention spans are extremely short, so the first clip has to appeal to and captivate your target audience. The message, the content, and the quality of a promo video are the basis of a good promo video. 

Make it engaging – we can all agree Tiktok has taken off because there are so many components that seem to initiate interest and engagement. Tiktok has the goods for a fun and shareable experience. There is music, text, filters, graphics, and even voiceovers. This is what engagement is made of; applying many elements with one purpose of getting your point across. Your promo video should incorporate applicable engagement elements that will help you to meet your goals.  

High-quality – Sure messaging is important. Sure your content needs to be clear. Sure your video needs to be engaging. All of the above cannot be ignored, but in order to stand out, having a polished and professional look will draw your audience in. High definition video. Creative, inspiring, and unique motion graphics. Camera angles that make an emotional impact. Talent that delivers your messaging effectively. These features matter and are noticed. 

How To Create A Promotional Video

  1. Message and Script – This is your time to dig into your vision for your promo video. To hash out the details of your message and notate precisely what you would like to say from beginning to end. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, partner with a video production team with experience in bringing visions to life. An experienced video production team can help you get your thoughts out and compile a reasonable script to deliver your message. It is ok to go through some editing phases, but once completed you can continue on to the next step of creating!

  2. Create Storyboards & Shotlists – This is the time to flesh out the visual style of your video. Use mood boards to help you create storyboards, shot lists, style frames that create a production outline matching your vision and script.

  3. Produce Your Promotional Video – It’s time to create the content of your dreams! This could entail having a camera on a set, capturing new footage, or compiling footage that you already have. This phase allows you to connect with motion designers, animators, or talent if needed. Your vision is coming to life!

  4. Edit Your Promo Video – Now that you have the footage needed to tell the story of your promotion it is time to assemble all the content together in an alluring manner for your audience. In this step, you can add music, motion graphics, and text. Once finalized and approved, your video is ready…

  5. Share Your Promo Video – Get to promoting your promotional video. All the hard work has paid off, and now it’s time to release it and achieve your goals. Watch it play. Watch it win your audience over, and thank us later!

The Bottle Rocket Media team would love to chat with you about your vision for your promotional video. We are here to help tell your story, achieve your goals, and to make the process fun! Connect with us so we can Start Your Project together! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Creating Engaging Videos

It doesn’t seem as easy as it used to be to capture the attention of your audience these days. With so many methods of storytelling and ways to impress, it has never been more critical than now for brands to have a compelling video that is more engaging, allowing it to stand out from the rest. As a brand, you have to step out of your own way, work with your compelling storyline, then implement the many features that are available to you. 

Read on for easy-to-include methods to consider as you make your next video more engaging.

1.Get The Right Talent

Casting the right talent is no easy feat, but it is essential to creating a more engaging video. The right talent, with the right look, the right voice, and the right mannerisms will make a big difference in your audience identifying with your video. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on their connection to an ad or a video. According to Forbes, great marketers are focused on understanding and influencing their target audience’s attitudes. The right talent is capable of helping you to succeed in influencing!

2.Include Motion Graphics

It’s pretty much a universal theory that no one wants to watch a confusing or complicated video. If something isn’t easy to understand within the first few seconds,  you immediately lose your audience. So why not use a video to be clear, concrete, and interactive all at once? Many outside of the production industry may not be as familiar with motion graphics, but think, bright, shiny, moving, and crystal clear messaging to captivate your audience within a millisecond. In order to make an impact on your audience, you have to create a memorable experience, and in order to create a memorable experience, you have to create interactive content that is worthy of remembering. Check out some motion graphics examples and think about how your idea could be transmitted into an explainer or motion graphic video. 

3.Use 360 Video

Full-scale, all-encompassing, sphere-like video capture is what 360 video is. It’s like looking at everything available in front of you, beside you, and even behind you. A 360 camera can capture it all, record it and a video production team can enhance the footage to make it even more compelling. 360 video is definitely a way to almost inject your audience into the setting of the video. It’s a complete 360-degree view. Engross yourself in the following 360 video examples.

Chicago Cubs 360 Experience Video

4.Include Call To Actions (CTAs)

The decision is yours, but with Call To Actions, it is imperative to know the purpose of your video, your selected placement of your video, and make sure to choose a recognizable, but not too invasive CTA. Guiding your audience to a particular action is always an added plus and sometimes a necessity. If needed, videos these days can include a prominent call to action pending how you plan to share your video. Youtube is a perfect place to add a button or an internal link within your video content to make for an instant experience for your audience so you can encourage your audience to do exactly what your heart desires. You can add a variety of CTAs within a video. Think about it…how many times have you seen a “Subscribe” or “Visit Website” or even a “Book Now” button prompt in a video? These are just a couple of options to select from and are known to be useful ways of generating new leads. 

This Coldplay Game Of Thrones: The Musical video has a Donate call to action at the end of the video.

5.Include Live Interactive Components

Technology makes it possible to do so much when it comes to keeping your audience on their toes through video content. There are engaging and interactive videos that include live automatic feedback based on viewer response. How exciting is that? It makes for a memorable and shareable experience for viewers when they have the opportunity to provide their own immediate feedback. Check out the video below of a popular blogger giving a tour of her home. The video includes buttons to click, a chance for you to select the room you want to see on-demand, and even questions for the audience. It keeps you entertained and engaged!

There are many ways to make your video engaging, but don’t forget the content and story should be your primary focus. Determine the content, then context, then consider adding the engaging bells and whistles that will illuminate the story!

Connect with a team that knows all things video. Everything from telling a great story to the latest technology. From concept to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media’s video production services and how we differ because of our Rocket Sauce, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

What is Motion Graphics & How To Make Them

We know that it took a while before you were on board with the importance of incorporating video into your marketing, but now you get it. More than ever you are seeing the number of sponsored ads popping up on your social media timelines, and as you continue to grow your professional network on Linkedin, you are seeing more articles being posted, more resources, and even more videos. And now you want to be a part of it too!  Welcome to the twenty-first century.  We are glad you made it here safely.

By now it should be pretty obvious that the favorable approach to selling these days is more about providing information, tools, direction, and understanding.  It’s the reason inbound content marketing has become such a valuable way to go.  And everybody wants in,  but the resounding question is often – HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Bottle Rocket Media is here to share some tips on content marketing and creating what we believe is an efficient method to communicate your brand messaging in a creative, compelling, and fascinating way, through motion graphics video!

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are defined as animation, with added elements of sound, voiceovers, and on occasion text. Motion graphic videos provide a highly visual way to deliver your brand message or story. Usually displayed through electronic media technology, motion graphics create the illusion of motion or rotation by moving the graphic elements in space over time. They can be expressed through animated images, kinetic text, or both, and are usually paired with audio for use in various projects. They are extensively used to create advertisements, title sequences, credits, movies, and more!

Motion graphics are widely used by brands and marketers across the globe to demonstrate many topics from – how a company functions to promoting new campaigns. Motion graphics have the ability to elucidate viewers on social issues, and is a creative approach to launching a new product or service! The motion graphics industry is enjoying unprecedented success because of the ways in which messaging can be delivered quickly and cohesively. As we all know this is ideal for today’s social media users who lack attention span and time for those lengthy videos.

Advantages of Motion Graphics

Software For Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is essentially a form of art that requires not just foresight and vision, but also good software. The following programs are popular for making motion designs.

Types of Motion Graphics Videos

How To Create Motion Graphics

Many components go into making motion graphics. Careful consideration must be given to each of them for the desired outcome. Check out the steps below:

1. Write a script that narrates the story well

The first step in making a motion graphics video is writing a story. You will need a script providing dialogue or story direction even though motion graphics are usually short. 

To find a story worthy of telling, you need to have answers to the following questions:

The beauty of motion graphics lies in the fact that you get to tell your story in multiple ways. Motion graphics facilitate movement, sound, and various other important tools to get your point across. When you have concrete answers to the above questions, you will provide a blueprint of what your video will look and sound like. 

2. Create a storyboard

Once you have finalized your script, you can move to the storyboard phase. This is where you get the first glimpse of the final product and what it will eventually look like. This stage requires a proper consonance between the design and production team members. A good storyboard not only showcases artistic skills but also possesses the ability to visualize the end product. 

3. Translate the storyboard into design

Everything you design at this stage will be incorporated into the final animation. So, it’s time to be extra diligent and get all the details right. Careful consideration must be given to the style and color as it reflects on the brand and your ultimate goal. Have your production team review the visual notes before handing them over to the animation department for the final cut. 

4. Animate the final designs

This is the last phase of making the motion graphics where everything merges to form the final product. The style, pacing, music, and sound effects are crucial elements as they add value to the brand and help you remain true to the product. 

Content Marketing & Motion Graphic Videos

This is the fun part! The motion graphic footage you have in video form needs to be shared. The messaging you have to appeal to your audience is awaiting its debut.

Take note of the step-by-step process to get your videos out there the right way! Remember too, the videos shared are messages coming from your brand, so treat them as such. When shared, give an intro. Help viewers understand what to expect and what value you are providing within the video  – content marketing is all about providing value to your audience!

In the cut-throat business world where everybody is fighting to make their presence felt, motion graphics can help you to uniquely establish your brand. 92% of a shopper’s purchasing decision is influenced by online videos, and with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, motion graphics are perfect for capturing viewers’ attention immediately and evoking emotional resonance. No wonder why motion graphics have been deployed by companies in every industry right now for their accessible and comprehensive mode of storytelling. 

When you are ready to create a motion graphic production video connect with a team that knows all things video. Everything from telling a great story to the latest technology. From concept to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and how we differ because of our Rocket Sauce, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

How To Get Social Media Engagement With Video

It’s time to acknowledge the greatness that is social media. The many social media platforms available to you offer an opportunity to have what I like to call,  a free billboard for your brand. 

Believe it or not, there are still people out there who refuse to accept social platforms as the awesome marketing tools that they are. This article is for them because whether you like it or not,  these tools have taken over and are here to stay. 

I will bet my last dollar you are active on at least 1 of the following: Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Am I right? So join the global social media crew and start asking yourself,  how does your brand use social media to your advantage? How do you go about getting engagement? How do you get engagement on social media with videos? Read on to get the goods!

What is engagement?

Let’s start with the basics. Have you heard the term “engagement” being used before in social media discussions, but you never really understood what it meant? Well here goes…simply put, engagement is best defined as a measurement to see how many people are interacting with your content via the number of comments, likes, and shares related to each one of your posts.  

Take note: every platform may have minor differences in the terms being used to measure engagement, but most go by the above!

Why Do You Need Engagement?

Why do most teens in high school want to be the most popular? There are benefits to it and the followers are more likely to listen to you and approve of what you do – no matter what, right? The same stands when you have a substantial number of comments, likes, and shares on social media. Your content is reaching more eyes, and in the world of social media algorithms, your content is not only more likely to pop up on your the timeline or your followers, but you also have more of a chance to get engagement from new eyes. It’s like getting a whole lot of high-fives when you walk in a party – everyone wants to touch you!

Take note: Everyone wants to share video content. If you can somehow attract the most popular people with your video content,  it will be like the term “word-of-mouth” on steroids, especially if your content goes viral! 

How Do You Increase Engagement?

There are several “techniques” recommended, but the reality is, you have to have a balance of consistency, authenticity, and creativity. Seems easy enough, no? It is always a good rule of thumb to show consistency in how often you post. Make sure the content you post is authentic to your brand and the visual creativity of your content should be appealing in delivering your brand messaging. To increase your post engagement, take some time to do some research around the most popular hashtags relative to your brand. Hashtags are like keywords for social media. Follow the points below while doing your due diligence in developing a strategy for increasing engagement on your social media profiles. Ask yourself:

Jot down your answers. Once you are done with this task, search for all the hashtags that may apply to your brand & your posts, then search those same hashtags on the selected social media platform to see how much each one is searched. If you happen to fall into ones that have decent search numbers  – select those and get to work adding those hashtags to your posts. 

Take note: Facebook doesn’t recognize hashtags as much as Instagram. Instagram has a hashtag limit of 30 per post, and video content is continuing to gain momentum in being a valuable means of connecting to any audience. Video can provide an interactive and informative experience that images are not likely to offer. 

How Do You Select Engagement Material Content?

It’s easy really, but sometimes we make things more complicated than necessary. Determine whether you are ok with staying committed to this content for life.  If you answer yes to the following questions we confidently offer our blessing as you go for the engagement! #dramaticyesweknow.

Take note: The better the content falls into the above and you focus on posting this type of content often, the engagement you so desire is highly likely to follow. Take some real time to study the profiles you like. Scroll through the timelines of your competitors. See what type of hashtags they are using, what their content visually looks like, and see what type of content they have. The most popular Instagram profiles with plenty of engagement have a combination of video and photos, by the way. 

Videos have now become essential on timelines across the world. There is absolutely no denying the effectiveness of delivering any type of message via video, and social media platforms figured that out early. Cheers to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Linkedin! 

If you are in need of some video advice, or maybe you are confused about the types of videos to make for social media, or maybe you have a promotional brand video idea whirling in your mind, either way, connect with us. We love this stuff from conception to delivery. Visit our blog for additional resources on storytelling, video marketing, event video production, and seriously, so much more!

Resolve to Create Your Next Brand Video in 2019

Ok, so maybe we have a dog or two, or three, in this fight, but what kind of a video production team would we be if we didn’t truly believe in the power of the modern brand video?

At Bottle Rocket Media, we have learned that a successful approach to marketing requires pulling out all the stops—and in this 24/7 world of online sales, thriving brands are the ones bringing potential customers closer than ever to products & services through 360-degree video, immersive VR, drone-captured footage and so many other cutting edge, visual techniques.

AND considering everyone and their mother (and their father, sister, brother, grandpa, 7-year-old spoiled nephew, etc.) has a personal screen in either their pocket or on a desk somewhere, we think it would be tragic to NOT use this ubiquitous medium for brand video experiences that can help your brand gain visibility.

So here are four reasons why a new brand video could help make 2019 a much more promising year:


When telecom giant, AT&T, began using the term “reach out and touch someone” in the 1980s, they had NO IDEA how easy that would one day be! Now, thanks to the Internet, any individual or brand can reach out and “touch” millions with a simple upload to YouTube or Vimeo. By cutting out the traditional TV network “middlemen,” brands can go worldwide, cheaply and with more creative freedom than ever before.


Fact: if you’re not using video in some way to promote your products & services, you are behind the times. But, don’t just take our word for it. Endless research from top names in business reporting reflect our consumer-based society’s growing desire (and expectations) for as much upfront info as possible—and video is perhaps the most enticing way to draw in today’s potential shopper, who is well-accustomed to watching ads and infomercials on screens large and small, 24/7. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather click through to the competitor with fun videos to watch?


It’s not just about using video—it’s how you use it! No matter if you are marketing products or services, modern 360-degree video techniques can give your potential customer a unique, closer look like never before. With or without accompanying headgear, viewers can virtually immerse themselves into every inch of your office buildings, hotels, retail shops, restaurants, warehouses, and explore your widgets in a way that makes them feel as if they were right there behind the camera. Plus, now that drones have become an accessible way to shoot video, brands can offer fast-paced, high altitude visuals, without the need for renting cranes or helicopters.


Listen… Hear that? It’s the sound of your brand. The problem is that only you can hear it. Is it classic rock? Smooth jazz? Bluegrass? Engelbert Humperdinck? Video is a great way to give your products and services a soundtrack that fits with both the tone of the company and spirit of the intended target audience. If your melody is good enough, it will hopefully stick in your viewers’ memory banks for weeks – along with the accompanying visuals. Hey, you may have gotten sick of the Chili’s baby back ribs campaign, but you’ll never forget it!

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Can You Imagine a World without Movie Trailers? We Can’t

With the holidays and 2018 awards season ramping up, Hollywood is releasing its annual explosion of highly anticipated movie trailers, and we cannot seem to get enough!

One thing we all have in common at the Chicago studio is that we LOVE watching movie trailers; who the hell doesn’t? When we were kids, trailers led us to beg our parents to take us to see classics, like “Goodfellas,” “Star Wars,” “Dances with Wolves” or “Dude, Where’s My Car?” (there is one in every group). And when we finally got to the theatre—even more trailers!

One after another, these eye-widening cinematic previews were the delicious bait that lured our young minds into a  world of fantasy, and stamped our memories with fun and imagination.

We were hooked for life.

Now, as adults working in the industry, we enjoy trailers even more, and try to take in each one with a professional appreciation/understanding of storyline and video production.

To us, trailer-creation is an art form, and the reason why there is an entire multi-million dollar industry focused on helping studios and production houses attract the right audiences in four minutes or less. From laboring over music, graphics or text fonts, to selecting the most effective scenes (without giving too much away), building the “perfect” trailer is no simple task, and can take days, weeks or months.

The best part for us viewers is – thanks to the Internet – we no longer have to wait for a TV commercial or radio spot to show us what we’re missing. When a new trailer drops, we rush right to our computers, smart phones or tablets to pull up YouTube or any one of the many trailer-focused sites, like Trailer Addict, to get our fix, and then some. When it comes to watching trailers, there’s no such thing as one and done.

As 2019 approaches, it seems like new trailers are being released by the minute. So, here are a few we give props to:

Captain Marvel:

Yes, the entertainment industry is saturated with caped crusaders and villains battling for the survival of Earth and the human race. But, that’s just because comic books come-to-life are incredible to watch on the big screen, and often visually groundbreaking. The trailer for “Captain Marvel” is no exception:

Mary Poppins Returns:

Talk about stepping back into childhood. It’s clear from the trailer that this film is exceptionally well shot, well acted, and we can’t believe we are seeing Dick Van Dyke dance again! Many of us who have kids can’t wait to share this legendary tale, certain to garner audiences of ALL ages:

Welcome to Marwen:

This trailer is effective because it instantly taps into an emotion we all can relate to; we all know what it is like to feel bullied, and we all dream of overcoming our hang-ups. In this geo-political climate of tension and fear, the trailer’s compelling animation offer a timely, smile-inducing take on how to empower ourselves through imagination:

No doubt, trailers are the calling cards of our films, often dictating success or failure at the box office. Show too much and the story is ruined. Show too little and the audience is alienated. However, when done right, trailers can lead to effective messaging, record sales, and sequels and prequels. In the meantime, they are just plain fun to watch!

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