Let’s turn your idea into a story worth telling.

Bottle Rocket Media is a Chicago based, nationally serving video production company specializing in traditional video and motion graphics, groundbreaking 360 virtual reality production, and everything in between. We partner with brands and businesses, ranging from startups to large corporations and creative agencies, to make an impact through video.

Our Services.

Our personalized approach guarantees your videos make an impact

Video Production

The heart and soul of what we do. We handle every aspect of the production.

360 Video Production

It’s new, it’s cool, and we’re all in. We’re doing some of the most innovative 360 content around.

Editing & Post Production

Where the story comes alive. It’s our favorite part of the process.

Motion Design and Animation

If there’s one area we’re extra geeky about; it’s design.

Here’s a bit of our work. Lots more in the our work section.


Here are some of our clients.