Your video should
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Event Video Production

Don’t hesitate to host an event worthy of remembering. Create your next live or virtual event production with confidence.

Watch Our Event Video Production Reel
Watch Our Event Video Production Reel
A glimpse into impactful content with some of the world’s largest brands.

Event experiences are meant to be engaging and sharing captured content post-event builds momentum for future events.

Allure prospective attendees and partners to your live or virtual event production experience with event video elements sure to please any viewer. Build on the excitement of attendees by encouraging shares of your unmatched and unforgettable event video content.


Whether we are providing you with remote video production kits or setting up a safe video shoot with our crews, we can help you communicate your ideas in the most compelling way.


BRM is here to help you to capture what you need to create a live or virtual event video the right people will care about!

Live or Virtual Workshop
Host a live workshop with speakers, sponsors, entertainment, and breakout sessions. Let us help to create the format of your workshop event that builds momentum for years to come.
Live or Virtual Music Event
Produce a live-like concert experience with high-quality footage that captures the attention of your audience.
Connect to your target audience with various elements to deliver your message. Think motion graphics, b-roll footage, audio design, voiceover, and the list goes on.
Host an interactive Q&A session to answer questions live or in a pre-recorded manner to share with your desired audience on multiple platforms.
Remote Video
Technology and our talent allow us to create high-quality videos all while being remote. We will consider the materials needed & make the best content for you to get your message across.
Behind The Scenes/Tour​
Capture footage from your own device to be shared that we can edit, add compelling graphics to, and create an impactful experience for your audience.

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Your video production content should make an impact and set the tone for your target audience to take action. Share your video vision with us so we can support you with our artistic approach and impeccable execution.