Let’s make something together to entertain, inspire, and educate your audiences.

Are you looking to recreate your live, in-person event experience in virtual video form?

At Bottle Rocket Media, we understand the current times have caused many changes due to the pandemic. We are here to help you pivot and deliver a virtual experience that educates and entertains your audience. Our team knows how to take an idea and transform it into a compelling, thought-provoking video that cuts through the clutter, makes an impact, and is memorable for your virtual event attendees.

Unique content. Clear communications. Creative ideas. Authentic storytelling.


Whether we are providing you with remote video production kits or setting up a safe video shoot with our crews, we can help you communicate your ideas in the most compelling way.

BRM is here for you to capture what you need and to create a video your people will care about!

  • Pre-taped or live webcasting
  • In-person or remote video production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Motion design
  • Editing
  • Voiceover services

Below are some of the types of event videos we produce

Paneled Conversations
Your paneled conversations can still provide a wow factor with pre-recorded content. Think talk show, with your own unique message and design style.


Lectures can be with just 1 person, or a number of individuals. We can create a short or long version of a master class like experience. Let’s talk through what you have in mind so we can produce the results you want.


Music Events
Would you like to produce a live-like concert experience with high-quality footage that captures the attention of your audience? Connect with us so we can implement your ideas and walk through the vision for your music experience through video.


Were you planning on having a live workshop with speakers, sponsors, and different breakout sessions? We are here to help break down the format and the themes you had planned and to tailor it to video form in an exciting way that matters to your audience. We will even provide value for your sponsors as we create the perfect video compilation for your event. Everything is possible with video.


This is an opportunity to use various elements (motion graphics, b-roll footage, voiceover content, etc) to express your company’s purpose during your event in a meaningful way that connects with your audience.


Q&A Sessions
This is an opportunity to have a hosted Q&A session to answer questions live or in a pre-recorded manner.


Behind the Scenes Tours
Capture some footage from your own device to be shared that we can edit and add graphics to.


Hands-On How-To Sessions
Feature a specific service or product in a hands-on way to get your audience involved in how your brand can be of service to them.


We are excited to share our Rocket Sauce with you and to create a pre-taped or live-event experience for you. Our expertise spans the gamut from scripting, storyboards, production, audio design, and animation. Connect with us to start your project.



Have ideas or questions? Let’s talk. We’d love to help.


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