You can have a fantastic website that users land on, but nothing happens. No form fills. No real engagement. No communication from potential clients or customers. When this happens, the assumption is… you need to improve the conversion rate of your website. Can we get some raised hands on this?!

Learning how to increase conversion rate results can be just what you need to turn things around for your business. 

Well, friends, this guide was created just for you. It combines insights with tips for implementation and ways to truly increase your online engagement and sales. 

From improving your user experience and call to action (CTAs) to adding forms in the correct place, we’ve condensed over a dozen helpful techniques into a simple checklist. 

Discover the means for holding the interest of your audience.  And let’s convert clicks into paying clients.

1. Streamline Your Forms

14 Methods to Improve Conversion Rate and Bottle Rocket Media

As we all know, filling out forms can be a pain, and with privacy issues growing, it’s important to keep things clear, easy, and to not raise any alarm. 

In this case, ensure your forms only ask for what you really need. For example, don’t ask for their phone number and mailing address if all you really want is their name and email address.

When you create a two-three step form, the likelihood of raising your conversion rates will most certainly improve. 

2. Leverage Social Proof

Customers and potential customers want to know that other people trust you. 

It’s highly beneficial to include testimonials from satisfied customers on your site. 

Reviews of your products and customer service tactics are also helpful forms of social proof. Get this— 95% of online shoppers use reviews when making buying decisions, so don’t fall short by not including solid reviews. 

Don’t forget to add links to your social media pages as well. And please only include the sites that you are active on. Visitors who check out your Facebook page don’t want to see that your last post was two years ago.

Have you considered being listed on third party sites? High ratings from companies specializing in reputation and credibility reporting are an additional way to increase conversion rate results.

And, if you don’t have any of the above, we suggest you get to work!

3. Enhance User Interaction and Review Data 

Monitoring user interactions with your website is essential. When identifying areas that need improvement, user behavior offers a tremendous assist. 

By gathering information about which pages are visited most or least, you can adjust your plan, and spend time on the efforts that matter. 

Increasing your conversion rate is a continuous process with a lot of potential outcomes; it’s not simply a one-time thing, so plan for lots of testing, new updates and maybe even a substantial number of iterations. 

The point is, it’s essential to measure the data and respond accordingly after gaining that knowledge. 

4. Chat Your Way to Success

Including a live chat feature on your website allows visitors to ask inquiries and receive prompt answers.

As you are aware, a delayed response might result in a lag in sales, therefore, you need to have qualified individuals on hand to respond to inquiries about your goods or services. 

Give thought to some of the most well-liked automated chat programs that you can set up to answer commonly asked questions. 

By doing so, you should see an increase in conversion rate and visitor engagement if you provide them with an instant means of communication. 

If you’re not into live chats, keep in mind that giving a poor response is worse than giving none at all.

5. Ace Testing and Optimization

Advocate for extensive testing and optimization of all content. If you have a team, make sure they are aligned with this rule. This shouldn’t be a suggestion but a requirement. 

Headlines, copy, CTAs, design, pricing, placement, and on it goes…are all of particular importance when you think about ongoing optimization. 

Split testing or A/B testing may help you optimize every aspect of your website. It is also a helpful way to design an ideal user experience. 

When you pay attention to details like mobile optimization and link functionality, it can have a big impact on visitor satisfaction and conversion rates.

6. Build Trust and Show Credibility

14 Methods to Improve Conversion Rate and Bottle Rocket Media

You’ve probably heard the old marketing saying, “People buy from those they know, like, and trust,” a lot.

Clichè? Yes, but it is still true.

Applying this theory, there is recognition in knowing that it’s basic to communicate your company’s principles through sincere communication. Also, when it comes to branding, you should be consistent across the board. 

Having a uniform message across all channels can give you a lot of market credibility, and writing a compelling About Us page is perfect in informing your prospects on who you really are. And using additional material to highlight your brand and corporate principles will help you harness the power of trust. 

Customer trust and the feeling of safety are reassured when there is an easy way to contact you. Not to mention, in order for customers to buy your goods or service, they need to feel secure enough to part with their hard-earned cash. 

Your job is to ensure there are no doubts. 

7. Rescue Stalled Sales with Email Campaigns

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the greatest conversion failures. 

Something has to be deterring your potential consumer from making a purchase if abandoned shopping carts are becoming a thing, right?

But you might never find out what triggered the drop-off and led to the sale being suspended, if you don’t focus on that. 

There is still hope.

If you want to remind potential customers of the products in their cart, think about launching an email nurturing campaign. 

To gently pull customers back to your site, good emails should remind them of their pending purchases using high-quality pictures and simple checkout links. And don’t feel bad if you send multiple emails.

8. Communicate Value Proposition

Are you giving your customer an easy-to-understand description of the value you provide?

A value proposition explains why your business and product are the best to deal with the problems that your clients have to face. 

A marketing agency might say, “We offer the best marketing ideas to bring your customers running through the doors,” to a client who wants more foot traffic coming to their physical stores.

This example shows a certain audience and describes what they do.

Another thing you might want to think about is changing the phrasing in your value proposition to see which one converts better.  

Remember that improving your conversion rates calls for consistent work, and sometimes that includes making many minor adjustments. 

9. Enhance with Multimedia

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you should make sure the photos you use on your website are good quality. You want to know why? Because, high-quality, unique images influence website users’ perceptions and enhance trustworthiness.

In this day and age, many people enjoy watching videos online. So, adding visual impact can be achieved effectively by using video(s). 

This is the time to make sure you are providing videos when necessary, whether it’s for product assembly or training how-to’s or captivating promotional movies. When those videos are released, don’t forget to gather watch-time statistics too. Doing so will determine what videos are working well, and what you should be making more of. 

10. Craft Compelling CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs) should be simple and compelling, enticing people to take the intended action with ease. 

Try out several CTA styles and wording to see what appeals to your audience the most and encourages conversions.

Collect then data. Rinse, repeat, and make adjustments as needed. Deal?

11. Diminish Distractions

Because a visitor to your website has an attention span of about eight seconds, make your text and graphics colorful, strong, and engaging with a variety of components. 

Most importantly, though, avoid bringing more distractions to the table by having irrelevant items on the same page. 

The goal here is to make it simple for the customer to concentrate on your offering. Less confusion = more conversions. 

12. Personalize the Experience

Though it ought to be obvious, we occasionally forget things or assume things. 

Understanding the desires of your target audience is essential. Knowing what the audience expects and having data that supports your assumptions make it much easier to deliver in line with their expectations. 

These days, you should be using a customized strategy that gives each individual a sense of specialness, value, and awareness that they are being spoken to!

13. Speed is Key

One of the main concerns when trying to boost conversion rates is site performance.

Prospective customers will leave your site if it loads slowly.

Furthermore, search engines won’t even rank your website. 

So, pay attention to how your website loads swiftly across all platforms and how it appears on mobile devices. 

The best websites load in less than three seconds, according to Google. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to test your site speed.

Most of us have work to do to reach that goal, I can assure you! 

14. Purchasing Process and User Experience

Pay attention to this acronym. 


Keep it super simple.

For instance, you should permit guest purchasing that doesn’t require logging in if you own an online business, and make sure the checkout procedure only requires one or two clicks to create an account if the customer wants one. 

On the other hand, eliminating pointless procedures that could impede the process can boost your conversion rate as well. 

In actuality, customers who enjoy a smooth, frictionless purchasing or registration experience are happier, more likely to make repeat purchases, and more inclined to provide positive reviews.

Use This As A Checklist

It takes constant tweaking, testing, and upgrading to increase your conversion rate. 

You may not be able to implement these 14 methods for how to increase conversion rate results overnight, but they are a great place to start. 

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