2018, what a year—and we mean that in a good way! Compiling all of our incredible highlights wasn’t easy,but we gave it a shot. So many of you helped make these moments possible, and for that we could not be more thankful. Here’s why the last 12 months will be a time to remember:

Siobhan and Dan Go Full Time

Lucky for us, rock star Senior Producer, and record coffee drinker, Siobhan Summers, has finally joined us full time, and is already using her never-ending energy and resourcefulness to organize location shoots at lightning speed. Wrangling 30 actors in less than eight hours for a last minute production? There is nothing this woman can’t do!  

AND, after years of working together on a case-by-case basis, we finally convinced kick-ass graphics master, Dan Wulfing, to join the team five days a week. No doubt—he is a world-class designer who brings an innovative approach to video production, and imbues every project with a distinct personality. We’re beyond excited to have him as our Creative Director!

Our New Digs

Have you visited us at our new office, yet? If not, you should! One of the most exciting turns in 2018 was the completion of our stunning creative studio in the heart of the Windy City – with even more space to work, think, develop and play the occasional video game on our giant flat screens. With our fearless leaders, and quaint homemakers, Dan Fisher and Brett Singer, carefully putting up art and lights, the spot became an instant home sweet home.

Meanwhile, we’ve fallen deeply in love with the delicious lunch spots around famous, Fulton Market. If you haven’t been to Bonci pizza yet, it’s a great excuse to stop by our studio and say hello. We dare you to have just one slice. Hurry, you still have some time before that pesky resolution kicks in!

Rocket-ing Around the Globe

We have officially travelled ALL OVER! Since January of 2018, we’ve been given amazing opportunities to film in NYC, L.A., San Francisco, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Toronto, and Vancouver. You name it we were there. A few seriously memorable trips were to Las Vegas and Orlando to party with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Pitbull, and Shaq; yep, that’s how we roll. We had so much fun covering their world-class performances, and to our surprise, nobody missed their flight the next morning!

Creating relationships in the industry is something we highly value, and we feel very fortunate to have met and connected with so many crews and clients from east to west. We love our worldwide Bottle Rocket Media family!

A Fresh Design

We also redesigned our logo this year—and when we say “we” we really mean our own Creative Director, Dan Wulfing. We love it so much that we started putting it everywhere: on books, water bottles, wax seals, magnets, and embossers. We even purchased a screen-printing system to make custom Bottle Rocket Media apparel! Fashion Week, 2019, here we come?

Helping the Troops

Possibly the most meaningful project in 2018 was partnering with our favorite hometown team, the Cubs, along with Boeing and the U.S.O. to work on a project for our brave brothers and sisters in the armed forces. It was an honor to help create a 360-degree game day experience video, and then be able to share it – digitally – with thousands of overseas fans that cannot attend in person.

Congrats to Us

Finally, our beloved improvised series, Framed, was accepted into the New York TV Festival, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen it over a million times and laugh harder each time (and we are the ones that made it!). Not familiar? Go watch it now.

With the powerful momentum we’ve picked up this past year, and a slew of innovative projects on deck for 2019, we could not be more excited for the future of Bottle Rocket Media, and our clients.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!!!