360-degree videos are a hit on Facebook—meaning your brand can find even more fans by creating them

360-degree videos are the perfect tool for engaging with your fans on Facebook, and for racking up new page likes. Facebook makes 360 videos easy to watch, share and control, which is why more than 1 million hours of 360-degree video have been viewed there in the past year. They’re becoming more popular every day, offering brands a chance to grow their audience and interact more with their followers. If you’re not already taking advantage of this new platform, you should be. Here’s why.

360 Videos Are Fun & Easy to Watch

Your Facebook followers can watch your 360 videos on their smartphones, tablets or computers, when they’re on WiFi or out and about. Viewers can explore every angle of a video effortlessly just by moving their phone or tablet around, or clicking and dragging if they’re on a computer. You can even share 360-degree Live videos easily to give your audience exciting new ways to engage with events you host—and entice them to join you for the next one.

360 Videos Have Better Traffic

Commitment to 360 video has paid off big for many companies, delivering higher interaction rates and better click-through stats than standard videos, according to a study from Google.

And these videos are so popular with Facebook users the company has its own app, Facebook 360, just to showcase popular 360 videos and photos posted by brands and users. If you don’t have 360 content to contribute, then you’ll be left out. Companies that have invested in 360 videos have seen big traffic payoffs: National Geographic regularly posts 360-degree videos of animals and nature scenes, which rack up thousands of views and comments. One 360 video of people climbing trees has been watched more than 12 million times and shared more than 10,000 times, helping grow the brand’s audience and influence.

strong>It’s Easy to Customize Your Content

There are endless ways for brands to connect to their audiences using 360 video. Before making your video, think through what you want your Facebook fans to experience when they tune in. Since Facebook is all about sharing and engaging with people, look for powerful—and fun—storytelling opportunities that can connect with a wide audience. You can lead a tour or create a promo video to show off your store or product. Bottle Rocket Media worked with Autre Monde, a restaurant just outside of Chicago in Berwyn, on a video showing how their star mixologist slings a classic whiskey cocktail, and we took over Times Square to highlight the killer views from co-working office WeWork. Only your imagination limits your options for sharing your brand’s message: record your staff participating in a charity event, do a 360 timelapse video of your office or give your viewers a look at something they don’t normally get to see with a behind-the-scenes tour.

Bottle Rocket Media can help you create Facebook-friendly 360 videos that surprise and delight your fans. Contact us today to get started.