When we log on to our social media channels, we are bombarded by an endless stream of photos, illustrations, and videos. To stand out amongst the crowd, designs and animations are being utilized more and more to create a visual break and provide eye-catching differentiation online.  But how do you know which designs are on trend and which are ready to be tossed in the trash?

Creation of Design Trends

In 1937 James Laver created a timeline of trends and how fashion styles are predicted and viewed over the years. This document, called Laver’s Law, is still used by trend forecasters today. When it comes to graphic design, using tactics from the fashion industry to forecast and utilize trends can help designers understand and predict what will be popular in the design world. Creators benefit from keeping tabs on what’s trendy, whether in our own line of work or others. 

 As with any trend, here today is gone tomorrow, but we think the four trending design styles will really inspire your work in 2022.  

1. Inclusive Visuals

Inclusive design considers differences in how people look and interact through imagery, animation, and videos. It accounts for function and usability and presents a more accurate picture of the world by showcasing diversity at all levels. Designing with accessibility in mind will always include things like color contrast, text size, interactivity cues, inclusive character representation, diversity, ability, language, culture, gender, age, race, and other forms of human difference.

Image source: Venngage

It can be something as simple as having captions on a video or an image of someone with a tattoo or as complex as having multiple translations and cultural shifts for content.

Image Source: OrangeCrush

Implementing a checklist for accountability like the one by Automattic Design is a great way to hold yourself and others accountable.  

2. Mixed Media

Mixed media is having a moment right now. This traditionally physical art form reminds designers of ways to create art that experiments with various styles and methods and inspires graphic artists to incorporate this style into the digital space. It’s also a powerful indicator of authenticity. So much design work is digital. Commissioned, conceived, created, and carried out entirely in a digital environment. Mixed media lets designers get their hands dirty once again by experimenting with various techniques and design elements. In the digital world, blending 2D and 3D in a single digital space is also a trending crowd-pleaser!

Image source: behance.net

3. Bold Typeface

The main goal of typography is to be legible – but sometimes, the best way to grab the reader’s attention with words is to do it with a visual shout rather than a whisper. The average person sees around 10,000 ads per day, so typeface is a way to stand out in a sea of advertisements. As a designer, if you can make just one word look good with an interesting font and a thought-provoking composition, imagine what the actual product can do! Fonts can be colorful and whimsical, or classic and bold, shapes can be incorporated; there are no rules for typography in 2022. 

Image source: San Diego Design Week

4. Nature

Design, in general, is becoming more diverse, more colorful, and inspired by nature. Nature has been a source of inspiration for every type of artist throughout all of history. In 2022, designs inspired by nature have been influenced by the sustainability and environmentalism movement and by shapes, neutral colors, and textures we see in our own lives daily. While frequently seen in product, interior, and industrial design, references inspired by nature also flow seamlessly into the world of graphic design. 

Image Source: https://www.zekagraphic.com/ 
Image Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/37923707/Natural-Mark

Trends come and go, and come and go again. Next time you’re approaching a project, take a look at trending designs and find ways to incorporate them into your strategy. Design is all about inspiration, authenticity, and discovering exactly how you want to represent yourself.

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