You are hosting an event and you want to remember it all.  But as a host, you know you will be tied up connecting with your guests, with limited time to capture the action. This is the perfect reason to hire a videographer! The right event videographer can help capture the event while leaving you free to enjoy it yourself and giving your guests a sense of nostalgia when they see the finished video. However, seeking the wrong type of event videographer can result in less time to enjoy the party and videos that do a poor job of representing your event. Hence, why it’s important to consider a few things before hiring an event videographer. 

What is an event videographer?

Event videography is the process of capturing important events, so one can relive these moments in the future. Having events documented in video format is a new norm, especially with so many social sharing platforms available. When you hire a quality event videographer, the footage captured will be edited to embrace the mood and tell the event’s story.

Why do you need the right event videographer?

Everything is about preference and purpose. As event videographers continue to increase in popularity,  there are so many to choose from ranging in price, age, and experience level. As you determine the best videographer to hire, consider your event type and your video budget. 

1. Experience Matches Requirement

As mentioned, the experience should match the requirements of the event. A videographer that handles corporate events may not be the right individual for wedding events. Not choosing an appropriate videographer that matches the experience and your wants may result in an end product that does not do your event video justice.

2. Portfolio Scanning 

Established videographers should have a portfolio of projects that you can scan in order to select the best videographer suited for your needs. 

3. Price Range

Having your requirements clear will assist you in determining the best budget for you. It is important to have your price range set before seeking an event videographer so you can lead with your budget and expectations. 

4. Scan Testimonials

Read the reviews of past clients. This is a very important aspect of identifying the perfect event videographer for you. Remember, a videographer’s job is to transcend the vision you have for the event through video. Reading testimonials will give you an understanding of the satisfaction of previous clients, and this can help you to make a more informed decision. 

5. Final Decision

While considering the above steps requires some research and due diligence on your part, each tip is essential in choosing the right event videographer for you. This preliminary work will ensure that your experience is the best possible and that your needs are met, maybe even beyond your highest expectations.  

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