Videos have emerged as the king of content in the fast-paced world of digital media. Engaging and visually compelling videos have the ability to tell compelling stories, evoke deep emotions, and, most importantly, significantly improve your engagement.

However, just as every painter needs a palette and brush, you need the right tools coupled with the relevant techniques to succeed in making artistic masterpieces that inspire and captivate your audience. 

This article is a comprehensive guide to help you achieve new heights in making your videos exceptional. Whether you are a beginner filmmaker, a social media influencer, or a professional looking to apply new techniques to your workflow, creating videos that rank well and look and sound great is what matters. So, let’s dive into the world of video editing!

Best AI Video Editors 

The global artificial intelligence market is valued at $200 billion, reflecting its rapid expansion. However, customers have growing concerns about AI’s impact in various industries. 70% of customers express reservations about companies using AI for product descriptions due to fears of biased or misleading data. Additionally, 60% are worried about AI influencing product reviews, raising concerns about transparency and authenticity.

Moreover, 77% express concern about AI’s potential to replace jobs, highlighting the need for ethical and responsible AI application. AI has revolutionized video editing, providing high-end capabilities at your fingertips. AI video editing software allows effortless composition changes, object detection and removal, and video generation through text prompts. These tools offer a seamless and efficient video editing experience.

1. Movavi Video Editor 

Your content creation workflow should not be complicated, with all the necessary tools available in one place. If this sounds appealing, check out Movavi, a video editor focusing on an all-in-one approach and ease of editing while offering unique tools and features that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers. 

Immerse yourself in the content creation process, bringing your ideas to life using Movavi’s cutting-edge AI features, such as AI background and noise removal, and an extensive library of video effects. With tools allowing image stabilization, slow motion, and precise audio control, your videos will be professional as never before. 

As mentioned above, Movavi Video Editor has an all-in-one approach, meaning that apart from those groundbreaking features, you also get access to a toolset allowing you to combine videos, cut, crop, trim, and much more. 

2. RunwayML 

Runway makes realistic AI video creation a breeze, giving you complete control over expressing your artistic and creative abilities. Generate compelling images and animations, which you can use in your videos by only giving text prompts. You can also instantly change an image’s texture and style or infinitely expand an image to turn it into a digital masterpiece. All of this is possible thanks to Runway’s extremely advanced AI algorithm. 

Runway also allows you to custom-train your own AI model according to your needs, making it one of the most powerful tools for video creators in the market. All of those features guarantee your content’s uniqueness, increasing views and engagement and helping search optimization.


All of us know that content is king, and in order to rank, you need high-resolution images and videos. Not having crisp and clear images can be a big deal-breaker when it comes to retaining your viewers. 

Remini solves this issue with its revolutionary AI capabilities, turning low-quality visuals into stunning, high-definition, professional-grade content. Whether you run an e-commerce website and want to uplift your product images, or you want to create striking illustrations for a blog post or turn old black-and-white photos into clear, colorful, and realistic ones, Remini will be an excellent solution for you. 

4. Synthesia

Before the emergence of AI tools, creating professional videos without unique cameras, microphones, and actors was impossible, let alone for commercial purposes. Synthesia makes this vision come true by offering an innovative solution. 

All that is left for you to do is write the script and choose from hundreds of realistic avatars. In-depth customization allows you to alter the video according to your needs, with companies reporting a surge of 30% in engagement after using Synthesia.

With more than 120 supported languages, Synthesia is one of the top tools for quickly reaching international audiences. 

Best Editing Software for AI Videos & Visual Effects and Bottle Rocket Media

5. Lumen5

Integrating your blog content into social media platforms is essential in today’s digital age. Yet, converting written material into videos can often be daunting and lengthy. With a solid user base of over 800,000, Lumen5 simplifies this transition, effortlessly turning your blog entries into engaging video content. 

Elevate your blog’s presence by utilizing this cutting-edge tool, which analyzes and transforms your posts into captivating videos ready for Instagram posts or reels. Lumen5 magnifies your brand’s voice and offers a refreshing way for your audience to engage with your content.

6. Descript

The podcasting realm is witnessing a surge in listenership, and for those hosting them, the ideal strategy to capture an audience is promoting snippets on various social media platforms. Yet, the extended duration of most podcasts poses a challenge, as extracting and consolidating relevant bits is both time-consuming and tedious. 

Descript offers a solution by harnessing AI capabilities to transcribe the entire podcast into a manipulable text document. This empowers creators to curate content for platforms like Instagram effortlessly. Furthermore, Descript enhances audio quality by eliminating redundant words and refining speech, providing an optimized and professional outcome. If you’re aiming to revolutionize your podcast editing journey and maximize its potential, Descript is the tool you need.

7. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wondershare has incorporated numerous AI functionalities that enhance video quality, eliminating the need for extensive professional training or dedicating countless hours to minute adjustments.

Numerous other tools are aimed at fostering creativity and boosting efficiency, such as a template library that assembles videos based on your content and an auto beat sync function to ensure your video cuts are in rhythm with your audio.

When finalizing your video, you have the flexibility to modify settings like format, resolution, quality, and even frame rate during export. You can directly link your YouTube, TikTok, or Vimeo accounts to expedite publishing. An additional convenience: enabling the Auto Highlight feature in the export window prompts Filmora to produce a concise 15-second highlight for TikTok or a 60-second version for YouTube shorts alongside the primary video.

8. Fliki

Fliki is an optimal tool for designing social media-ready videos. Its core feature, text-to-speech integration, allows precise control over pacing and pronunciation. While its premium version offers advanced text-to-video options, its strength lies in efficiently crafting ready-to-post videos.

Using Fliki is straightforward. Users input their script and choose from various voice options when starting a project. For detailed voice modifications, select portions of the text and adjust using intuitive controls. Customizing visuals is just as simple, with options to either upload personal media or pick from Fliki’s library. Minor preview glitches aside, the final video is of high quality.

Beyond videos, Fliki is also versatile for podcasting and audiobook production, allowing users to generate voiceovers and publish content seamlessly.

Tips and tricks for AI video editors: 

  • AI constantly evolves, so ensure you are always up-to-date with the newest releases, features, and tools.
  • Research prompt writing for generative AI, and make sure you understand how each tool uses prompts to produce specific results.
  • Take the time to experiment with different features and choose what is best for you according to your needs. 

Best Visual Effects Software 

Videos using special effects such as visually appealing filters, LUTs, and transitions are game-changers for driving up your content’s value and making it more engaging. After all, no one wants to see raw footage that has not been catered to their needs and likes. Longer view time and higher impressions mean your SEO efforts will only be further enhanced. Use the following tools to make eye-catching and outstanding videos for your audience. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

When it comes to crafting exceptional videos with smooth transitions, adding filters to finesse color, and applying breathtaking animated titles, Adobe Premiere Pro takes the cake as one of the best tools currently available. 

With AI tools such as Color Match, Premiere Pro allows thorough color correction and will automatically balance any imperfections regarding shades. It also reduces noise and enhances dialogue with dedicated audio tools. 

Another great feature of Premiere Pro is auto-fitting music to your video after you choose the appropriate track. You can even license the music without going to a different app, all within Adobe’s ecosystem. 

2. Splice

Splice is a fan favorite among social media influencers, with cinematic filters and templates designed to turn raw footage into Hollywood-grade content. 

Having the power of a computer video editor in a mobile app opens up a realm of new possibilities for you, with an intuitive interface that ensures all the users can leverage the app’s abilities to the fullest. 

Having a prominent brand on social media with an active following is only going to broaden the sources from where your website will get traffic. Splice is an excellent tool for helping accomplish this. 

4. Zoomerang

Zoomerang’s strength is its abundance of templates. With millions of pre-existing templates, it is only a matter of time until you find the perfect one for you. It is designed for individual and professional use and offers more than 30 templates encompassing 1,500 sub-categories. 

Zoomerang is a great video tool for creating short clips that showcase an event or a product.

5. Hitfilm Pro

HitFilm Pro emerges as an elite video editing and VFX tool, producing top-notch outcomes.

Originating from the minds behind HitFilm Express, this VFX suite seamlessly blends effects onto its editing timeline, bypassing the conventional layer-based approaches like After Effects. This offers newcomers a more streamlined introduction to the world of editing.

Upon assessing the software, we discerned that its foremost prowess lies in the domain of visual special effects. This platform’s standout feature is its extensive collection of effects and presets, which spans masking techniques, chroma-keying, particle generation, distortion functionalities, and comprehensive color adjustments.

6. Maya

Autodesk Maya has earned recognition for its pivotal role in legendary films such as The Matrix, Ice Age, and Avatar. Its involvement in these projects underscores its outstanding capabilities. Most leading VFX studios have harnessed versions of Maya for their 3D design needs, cementing its reputation as an industry gold standard. 

With attributes like the Dynamic grooming system, adaptive polygon modeling, and a robust sculpting arsenal, Maya emerges as a top-tier tool for expert 3D designers. While it’s operational on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, users should check that their hardware meets its intensive technical demands.

7. Maxon Cinema 4D

Think of Maxon Cinema 4D as a multifaceted 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering platform. It boasts a refreshed user interface, a contemporary design, and a comprehensive preset system streamlining processes. This tool empowers designers with the flexibility to bring their visions to life, equipped with an arsenal of tools and plugins to achieve perfection.

Maxon Cinema 4D has capabilities such as a versatile preset system, capsules, interface upgrades, track modifier tags, scene node systems, and efficient spline imports. It’s the go-to tool for motion graphics, game design, augmented and virtual reality, VFX, and diverse visual projects. The software specializes in generating intricate animations, providing the ability to replicate objects and create endless movement patterns.

Tips and tricks for using visual effects: 

  • Each of these apps brings something unique to the table, so it is essential to research the key features of each one and choose accordingly. 
  • You can find showcases on each app’s website. It will help you see the final results and make your choice easier. 
  • Ultimately, you can also choose multiple apps and combine filters, transitions, and overlays, designing your own unique workflow. 

The importance of video content has been rising significantly and will continue to do so. Making sure your content stands out is good for raising view count and increasing engagement and is also beneficial in how people view your brand. With new solutions emerging each day, it is very important to keep up and make sure to surprise your audience with something new constantly. So, continue creating and reaching new heights using these great content editing tools.

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