Whether you’re looking to record a funny behind the scenes clip to share on your business’ social channels, record your child’s toy review for YouTube, or you find yourself stunned by a rainbow lorikeet that just landed on the chair next yours and you slowly mouth “take a photo” to your friend across the balcony, our smartphones can capture it all. And since we often carry them around in our pockets, purses or fanny packs (yep. They’re back!)—they’re easily the ‘point-and-shoot’ of choice for most.

With more smartphones acquiring 4k capabilities and video editing apps becoming more sophisticated, they can be a powerful tool for filmmakers on a budget. In 2015, a film shot entirely on the iPhone 5s was screened at Sundance. Smartphones are changing the game. Not only for filmmakers and content creators but for anyone looking to create or capture some cool content or memories. They are an empowering tool for young creatives, for the creatives young at heart and even for the “tech challenged” (my mom and dad can attest to this. Their facebook video ‘game’ is strong!).

Traditional video cameras and proper editing software are certainly not going anywhere — there’s a reason why those in ‘the biz’ stick to their trusty equipment and software. But there’s no denying it, the ‘on the go’ aspect, and ease, of recording mobile video is appealing. But, at the end of the day, your access to certain resources and the amount of control you want to have over the finished product often determines the tools you use; and whatever those tools happen to be, their purpose is to help you share a story, capture a memory, or just create something ridiculously fun! That being said, here are some video making apps you’ll want to add to your mobile videography ‘toolbox’:

Phone Recording Apps

Filmic Pro (Android & iPhone) For those who want to take their mobile video to the next level. It offers the ultimate control over your video settings: exposure, focus, color temperature, etc. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but trust me when I say: it’s worth it.

Cinema FV5 (Android) Similar to Filmic Pro, you can modify your video capture settings to your heart’s content.

Rotate & Flip Video – RFV (iPhone) & Rotate Video FX (Android) Need to rotate your video? These mobile video apps heard your call of distress! But note: some of the editing apps below have this feature built in.

Hyperlapse (iPhone) & Lapse It (iPhone & Android) The native camera app on most phones have time-lapse capture, but these apps offer more control over your capture/playback settings.

Phone Video Editing Apps

I once shot a series of social media videos for an event and had to deliver content throughout the day for the client’s social channels. That meant shooting on my iPhone, quickly editing (also on my iPhone), and delivering to the client via dropbox. Being able to edit and export straight from my phone was a huge time-saver. So if you’re on a time crunch, or not, any of the following apps will get the job done; quite beautifully too!

Adobe Premiere Clip (iPhone & Android) It’s free for those with an Adobe subscription. You can add transitions, pop on some music, and export.

iMovie (iPhone) Very easy to use: add transitions, cut between shots, add music. You can also create a video using presets.

Phone Video Editing Made Easy(er)

Spark Video (iPhone & Android) a quick way to add brilliant text to your videos. You can also combine photos & audio.

Clips (iPhone) This is a one-stop shop app. Record, add text, and even add emojis!

Fun Mobile Video Apps

RAD VHS (iPhone) & Camcorder (iPhone & Android) If you’re into the VHS effect that’s taking the social web by storm, you’ll want to check these out.

KiraKira+ (iPhone & Android) Take your videos from drab to glam. You can import videos or record straight from the app. Pro tip: for extra sparkle, turn on your phone’s flash.

Hyperspektiv (iPhone) If you’re into distorted reality and out of the box filters, you’ll want to check this one out. Bridget and I used it (alongside Premiere Pro and an iPhone) to create this.

Lastly, I’d like to mention Snapchat & Instagram (Instagram Stories). These popular social media apps allow you to capture video with the option of adding cool effects/filters, text, and gifs to your images and videos. Being able to quickly share your work once you’re done is a major plus.

These are just a few apps that I’ve used myself, and that has been recommended to me  — there are loads more out there. You just have to play around with different apps to see what suits your needs (and vision) best. So time to whip out your phone and get recording!

Additional Mobile Video Making Tips

If you’re planning on shooting on your phone, be mindful of storage. Don’t miss out on your shot or miss a special moment because you were frantically trying to delete apps and photos to clear some space. Plus, iPhone users, you’ll save yourself from the dreaded “storage almost full” notification. It still haunts me in my dreams.

If you’re shooting handheld, and if your phone has the capability, consider recording in 4k. That extra resolution will be your best friend when it comes to image stabilization. If you intend to do this, be mindful of your composition as the edges of your frame will likely change once you stabilize the footage in your favorite video editing software.

p.s if you try out any of these video making and editing apps or if you have any additional recommendations, send us a tweet @bottlerocket312 to let us know how it went! We’d love to hear from you 🙂