Let’s be real…

Life has changed. Things are undeniably different. 

As much as we may have wanted to ignore it’s happening, the Covid-19 pandemic has made us feel the brunt of a metamorphosis we weren’t so eager to experience. It’s a new norm, filled with many unknowns, and the shifts we are making, here at Bottle Rocket Media, will continue to evolve with the times, ensuring the safety of our clients, our teams, our crews, and everyone we interact with, on and offset.

So if you want to know, need to know or if you may be wondering, check out the safety precautions developed for our video production shoots as we continue to migrate into new phases of the Coronavirus reopening. 

Our checklist was built from whitepapers and guides written by the following organizations: SAG, DGA, AICP, The City of Chicago, and The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and of course the CDC.

Read on for a breakdown of 9 steps (and growing) Bottle Rocket Media is dedicated to enforcing on set during video shoots. 

1. Training and Education.  In times like this knowledge is power. We will continue to share what we learn with our community in hopes they do the same with us.

2. Limiting the number of people on set.  More people equals more potential exposure.  Until we know more about how the virus is spread we will keep our crews lean.  The upside to this is that our on-camera talent, who will be mask-less during filming will be more protected.  The challenging downside is that things may take longer to accomplish during the day.

3. Daily Health Declaration & temperature checks signed by everyone on set.  Don’t come to work if you are exhibiting symptoms!  Anyone on set will fill out our health declaration, confirming the state of their health.

4. Designated crew-free green rooms for talent to go between setups.  Our on-camera talent is the most exposed, as they spend a fair amount of time throughout the day without a mask on.  In addition to limiting the number of people who will be near the talent, we are also setting up green room spaces away from the set for the talent to convene in between setups.

5. Live-streaming the client monitor whenever necessary, allowing the client and the agency to participate from anywhere.  With limits on shoot attendance, we cannot accommodate full client entourages.  Ideally, clients and agency representatives will be limited to one person on set who is communicating with the rest of the team “back at the ranch.”

6. Personal Protective Equipment. Masks will be worn at all times, face shields will be available for positions of intimacy, such as makeup and hair stylists, and anyone else who wants to wear one.

Bottle Rocket Media and Crafthouse Cocktails Video Shoot

7. Hand Hygiene. Access to facilities to wash hands thoroughly and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the day.

8. Disinfection & Maintenance 

  • Paper will be used only when needed to minimize any unnecessary exchanges between hands
  • Personal equipment will be disinfected before, during and after use
  • High touch services and equipment will be disinfected before, during, and after use, throughout the day.

9. General Infection Prevention Issues

  • Designated Covid-19 Officer to be attentive to all needs
  • Physical Distancing
  • Scheduled cleaning periods throughout the day

Although cliché, we are all in this together! Trying times, new norms, and maybe even more transitions. As the creatives we are, the world of video production is our jam and keeps us looking forward to another day, no matter what may be in store. We will make sure to build a safe space to create the video your business needs.

Bottle Rocket Media and Covid 19 Safety Precautions on Video Sets

We would love to chat with you about everything from telling a great story to all-things COVID. From conception to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and what we can do for your brand, connect with us here