A marketer’s guide: Top tips to create an amazing video

It’s no secret that we believe video is the best way to get attention for your brand. And the numbers don’t lie. A company video can increase your brand association by 139%. In fact, Diode Digital reports that 60% of internet users will watch a video before reading any text when arriving to a website. Okay, so you’re convinced. Now, you need a roadmap to get started. Here are five tips from our team to keep in mind when making your first video.

5 tips for making your first video

  1. Start with a Vision – As is true with most things in life, having a game plan will keep your video on track. Think about what you are promoting, your budget, and who is managing the project. If you have all of these pre-production boxes checked before filming starts, you will be off to the races.
  2. Identify your target audience – When you know who you’re trying to reach, where to reach them and what they’re into, figuring out what to say becomes much easier. A few other things to consider at this step: What kind of videos does your target audience already watch, and what would interest them about your product or service? Chipotle used video to show its stance on sustainable farming, a topic that has only grown in importance. Audiences ate it up (pun intended).
  3. Know what story you want to tell and find a creative way to tell it – This is going to take some brainstorming. We suggest focusing on what kind of story will resonate with your brand’s target audience. Here’s an example: Artifact Uprising, a company that sells photo books, tugged on its audience’s heartstrings with this beautiful story of a man who made a photo book for his grandchildren. It was perfect because people coming to the site were there for that same reason: to preserve memories and share them with loved ones. Have Kleenex on hand, guys.
  4. Show off your brand’s personality – This is how you set yourself apart from the herd and establish your brand as an industry thought leader. Chances are, there are dozens of other companies talking about the same thing you are, so an extra dose of personality will go a long way in grabbing your audience’s attention. It only takes one catchy phrase to hook someone, just ask the team responsible for the “Like a Girl” campaign at Always. Judging by its over 63 million YouTube views, it’s safe to say they did their homework.
  5. Find a team of experts to help execute the game plan – Invest in a video production team who knows how to operate all the equipment, get the lighting just right, and make sure everything runs smoothly in post production. Taking this small step will make all the difference to creating a stellar first video. You might be the savviest marketing team around, but when it comes to the technical side of making a video, you’ll rest easier knowing you don’t need to become a Final Cut Pro expert overnight. If you know this is the route you’ll take, make sure it’s factored into your budget when establishing your game plan.

Looking for a video production team who can take you from the storyboard to your target audience’s Facebook feed? Sounds like we might be able to help. Contact the crew at Bottle Rocket Media to learn more about our services and to get started making your company’s first video.