“Bottle Rocket Media is best in class for video production and storytelling….”  

“BRM was instrumental to us achieving our social media content goals in 2017…”

“Given Bottle Rocket Media’s expertise in 360, the partnership allowed us to our  storytelling sensibilities in a new way…”

Pretty good buzz to have ringing in our ears for the new year. To say we are excited for 2018 is an understatement. We. Are. Pumped. Before we close the book on 2017, we want to take a moment and look back at a few stand out videos from last year.

American Girl

In partnership with American Girl’s creative team, we developed a series of videos for their Truly Me custom dolls. From casting and choreography to production to post-production and design, our team rocked it at every step (dance steps not included – we left that to the pros).

We’ve enjoyed building solid relationships with brands, creatives, and agencies big and small and bringing their stories to life. So for 2018, we hope to continue nurturing and building those partnerships and creating new ones.

The Problem with Ad-tech

We flexed our funny bone in this scripted comedy short for Centro — which pokes fun at the ad tech space. Who said a company video can’t be funny?

Whether it be a scripted short, an improvised web series, or even putting a unique twist on a traditional video, we’re ready to take our storytelling to the next level and embrace any creative challenge that heads our way. Our ultimate goal is always to tell stories in a way that best serves the message and the client’s needs; to always be authentic.

Siemens: Distributed Energy – The Utility-Scale Solution

When The Atlantic Re:think and Siemens, approached us to create a series of 360 videos revolving innovative energy solutions. We. Were. Psyched. Six days of production, three drones, two 360 cameras (one that nearly melted in the 120º Phoenix sun), countless locations and collaborators across the country. Your average kick-ass 360 production road trip.

We dove into 360 video early 2016 – two years later, our excitement to explore the medium and its potential has not worn off. We feel like we’re just getting started! In 2018, we want to continue pushing the limits of this technology and further explore the possibilities of 360 video storytelling.

Dyson – The Truth About Indoor Air Pollution

Not only was 2017 the year of the Rooster, but for us here at Bottle Rocket Media, it was clearly the year of the series. For our last pick, our team worked with Dyson to create a series of educational docu-style videos that were distributed across the web. Our crew got to follow a Dyson expert around as he exposed the truth about indoor air pollution to real families in the comfort of their own homes.

Whether it be a web series, a thirty-second spot, a video short for social media, or even a funny gif – we love diversifying the content we do, and are excited to continue ‘mixing it up’ this year!

Speaking of 2018, did you know that it’s the Year of the Dog? Technically it starts February 16th, but we’re already in the spirit! We’re embracing our inner canines and running into the new year with gusto, a sense of adventure, and loyalty to our craft. Just don’t tell us to heel, because we’re feeling pretty unstoppable.