When tasked with creating content for your not-so-hot company or product, remember that the business exists to add value to someone, somewhere. Your boring industry or topic can be brought to life with video. I promise.

For instance, Adtech may seem like a boring industry, but it’s part of someone’s life, so let’s create video content that’s interesting on some level – be a problem solver, answer questions, or, just be funny to be funny. Like Centro did here. This is a cheeky look at what could be construed as a vapid industry.

How sexy are SOS Soap Pads? Ummm… not so much. But how helpful are they? Let’s just say I value the sparkle these bring to my home like I value the air I breathe. My point is, your video doesn’t have to be sexy when you engage your audience by showing them that your service or product will make their lives better or easier, you’re winning. Check out this winner here.

Ya know what’s super exciting and totally un-boring? The American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. Okay, maybe not, but the video explaining their new acceptance process is engaging and draws in the appropriate audience with a slick, informative video. Put in front of the eyes of people that really care. Using motion graphics opens up a whole new world of storytelling for topics like this. Music, animation, infographics, characters…you are only limited by your imagination.

I recently came across a video for kitchen appliances (zzz…wake up! I promise this gets better). There are few things more boring than appliances, but in this spot, Samsung turned that notion on its head and made owning Samsung appliances seem sensational. It’s smart, sexy and easy on the eyes. Like the rest of the universe, I fast forward through commercials, but I actually stop and watch this one. Ding! Ding! Ding! Samsung’s mission: complete.

Case studies can be powerful when done correctly. Producing case study videos offers you the opportunity to sing your own praises without being too salesy. You are simply telling the story of working with a client and how you helped them through challenges and eased their pain points. Now, prospective clients are watching and creating an emotional connection envisioning themselves as that satisfied customer. Create case study videos of the damn awesome work you, your company, or product, has done for satisfied customers. A client had a problem and you solved it! I don’t care how boring the industry is. I call you a hero.

Do not forget to leverage social. Social media videos are a wildly effective and impactful tactic in content marketing strategy. All eyes are on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media video marketing is vital for business today because truth is, consumers, like to watch videos more than they like to read text. Regardless of how humdrum your topic may be, the story is definitely better told by video.

You’ve got this, now get out there and knock ‘em dead. And if you want to call in the professionals we’re here.  Contact Bottle Rocket Media