Meet Bottle Rocket Media Client Nicholas Brinley

In the first installment of Bottle Rocket Media’s Client Spotlight series, we take an inside look at the production team’s strong relationship with prominent Chicago events curator, Nicholas Brinley. Over the last year, the two companies have collaborated on a series of shoots as well as a branding initiative, featuring the likes of PitBull, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg – a success that can be attributed to the “gift of creative freedom.”

Founders of Bottle Rocket Media, Dan and Brett (read more about them here), pinpoint the relationship’s origin. Through a mutual acquaintance – a satisfied client – they were fortunate enough to snag a meeting with Brinley’s co-founder, Marc Halpin, at the Chicago Soho House. They talked everything Chicago, video and bourbon. A few months later, the call came in and the team went to work.

We have since traveled to both Las Vegas and Orlando to cover a variety of Nicholas Brinley live music events, each sponsored by data storage powerhouse, Cohesity events. The result is a fast-moving, 57-second promo video, created by in-house Creatives, Dave Sarno and Dan Wulfing. It includes a mixture of exciting performance footage alongside eye-popping, motion graphics.

View the video.

From the onset of any project with the Nicholas Brinley team, there is a great deal of collaboration. They start us down a creative path, but there is enough respect for the creative process to allow us to explore and take their ideas to the next level.

“We really got to flex our creative muscles on this one,” adds Fisher. “Nicholas Brinley is a dream client in that they are open to collaboration and open to allowing Bottle Rocket Media the gift of creative freedom. We were able to carefully explore multiple concepts until we found the right tone and look. For example, what started out as more of a concert montage and highlight reel, turned a corner when we pushed to make it shorter and high impact.”

Featuring charged crowds of glowstick waving fans, today’s top artists dropping it like it’s hot, and a cameo from DJ Diesel a.k.a Shaq (Yes, THE Shaq), our promotional video for Nicholas Brinley puts the viewer in the center of the action with a heart-pumping soundtrack to match.