Want to Create Lasting Impact? Make a Company Video

Company videos do it all—they provide the exact right look, sound, and messaging to represent your brand. They stick in our minds, especially the outrageous ones. Plus, thanks to the advent of digital, they have never been more cost-effective to produce. With a million ways to make a first impression on your target audience, why not make one that lasts a lifetime?

Why Video? (Quick Stats):

According to a recent piece on wordstream.com, 85% of the US Internet audience watches videos online, with over 500 million people watching videos on Facebook daily. In a nutshell, our society has gone VIDEO CRAZY! With everyone and their father tied to a mobile device, the draw to watch hours of complex ideas broken down into digestible content is irresistible.

Think—how long has it been since you watched a video?

What Exactly Is a Company Video?

These days, company videos are simply modern marketing tools, typically used to make a first impression—one with a long shelf life. The memories you can create with video will outlast and out-influence any photograph, logo, text or voiceover. There is no better way to deliver a message, showcase a culture, advertise a product, celebrate a team or unveil a location. 

At Bottle Rocket Media, for example, we are always harkening back to commercials from our youths. If it weren’t for the famous and perfectly cast “time to make the donuts guy,” we might not have become such big Dunkin’ fans. We still laugh over that campaign and it was like 40 years ago! It is the perfect example of an effective company video in that it inspires warm, happy lasting memories. And that’s the ultimate goal, for any brand. 

A Few Options to Choose from:

There is more than one way to skin a cat or shoot a company video.

Brand Videos 

A solid brand documentary, so to speak, is all-encompassing. It puts your company’s history, philosophy, and personality all together in one fast-moving experience. It can include an aesthetic take on your location(s), along with down-to-earth employee/client testimonials for a personal, inside look. Check out this brand video we did for AV Franklin.

Profile Videos:

It doesn’t get more simple or straightforward than this. A good profile video offers a brief, but effective synopsis of one aspect of the company, including its mission, personnel, and most attractive features or customer benefits. Quickly run through important bios, stats, and newsworthy factoids for a bottom-line impact or simply get to know someone like in this video we made for the tattoo artist, Jacob Kearney

Culture Videos:

Right now, company culture is under the microscope, with millennials and Gen Zers searching high and low for diverse and inclusive work atmospheres. As a result, culture videos, like this one we did for Centro, are often wisely geared towards showcasing progressive ideals and practices. Successful ones tell good, honest stories that underscore the positive experiences of the workforce.

 Product or Services Video

When you need to get specific about your latest offering, a video can do more than any other type of marketing material. Show off your stuff at all angles and at a closer range than ever before.  In this video, we did for Impossible objects you really get a good idea of how they are using cutting edge technology.


Getting Started!

Ready to get your brand on video? Here are a few tips from Bottle Rocket Media:

  • Begin with a brainstorm that includes team members from all departments—multiple points of view can add texture and depth to any video concept. The goal is to inspire the most impactful and simple concepts that resonate with on-brand messaging. 
  • Get to know your audience. Re-examine your targeted demographics AND do some new research. There might be a whole group of untapped consumers out there just waiting for the right video to grab their attention. 
  • The best way to build a memorable experience is to tap into the emotions of the viewer. When we laugh, cry, or feel stimulated, we are much more likely to remember the moment. Here’s a video we did for Toy Industry Foundation that focuses on emotion to convey a very heartfelt message.
  • Don’t cut corners. Your video doesn’t need to be Hollywood-level, but PRODUCTION VALUE MATTERS! Since digital has leveled the professional playing field, almost any brand (large or small) can’t afford not to hire a video production team.

Time to make a video! For inspiration, check out this oldie-but-goodie.