Our Directors

The creatives, the visionaries, the storytellers: our team of Directors offer different styles and unique experiences that make your story stand out.

Blaine Hogan

For nearly a decade Blaine Hogan acted professionally (SAG-AFTRA, AEA) on television and in theaters across the country. As a writer and director Blaine has spent the last 10 years creating short films, documentaries, and music videos that range from bold and brash to brave and beautiful.

Brett Singer

Brett Singer is a Principal and a Director at Bottle Rocket Media. His twenty-years experience in design, film, and video production affords him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, in many different roles.

Dan Fisher

As a Principal and a Director at Bottle Rocket Media, Dan is excited to be able to combine his years of experience as an Editor, a Producer, a Director, and a Photographer to create content across many platforms.

Dan Wulfing

A veteran of the Oprah show, Dan Wulfing studied film and animation at the Savannah College of Art & Design before coming to Chicago in 2005. Prior to joining BRM Dan went on to design for 20th Century Fox's Empire and Star, ABC's Built to Last and NBC's The Voice.

Joel Kapity

Joel Kapity studied film at Columbia college and began his career directing award winning music videos, which turned into directing 3 feature films, over 200 commercials and brand content videos as well as directing multi cam events filmed for tv.

Kristina Perreault

Kristina Perreault has always strived to combine her love for all things travel and communication arts. Over the last decade she has done this successfully by teaming up with international production teams to create breathtaking material.

Mark Cwiakala

Mark Cwiakala is a commercial director, writer, and filmmaker. He is enthusiastic about telling a story with compelling, entertaining, and influential visuals. He lives on the Lower West Side of Chicago, has a BFA in sculpture, and is always willing to turn a conversation to martial arts.