Build credibility with your audience with a documentary-style video

Storytelling for business doesn’t have to be stuffy and buttoned up. In fact, if you get creative and really focus on the emotion behind a business’s history, you can create a video that leaves a big impression. Enter the documentary video for business. Known to captivate audiences, this style of video storytelling is impactful, engaging, and leaves audiences wanting more.

Spotlight on documentary videos for business

What are documentary videos? As the name implies, documentary videos shed light on a specific topic, usually in the style of a series of interviews, and then present the information to a target audience. These videos are objective in nature, which is what makes them unique compared to the more common promotional and marketing video. Documentary videos are informative and factual, and aside from their marketing function, they are also used internally for “about us” videos on a website or for a company’s anniversary highlight reel at a corporate event.

Why are documentary videos effective? It’s no surprise that consumers love when a brand tells them a real, personal story or experience. A documentary video engages the audience beyond the product or service to establish trust. To add credibility to your brand, tell a story that resonates and leaves the audience eager to learn more about who you are and what you do. These videos are also effective because the viewer is totally locked in like they would be watching a documentary on TV. The New York Times executes this perfectly in their teaser for their documentary, Page One.

Why are documentary videos worth it? When done right, documentary videos create empathy, tell a fantastic story, and engage audiences in a way other types of video simply fail to do. And in terms of bragging rights, a documentary video is an impressive piece of marketing to have in the vault. This video from Stella Artois is a great example. Not only do you learn about the history of billboards from the men who still paint them today, but you end up fixated on their own personal stories and the sadness they feel about an art form that is fading away. That is what a documentary video is all about.

Our work with Horizon Pharma

It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse, which is why we wanted to highlight in this video for Horizon Pharma. Instead of making it about the clinic and their services, we filmed a series of one-on-one interviews with questions that really let the audience get to know the wonderful nurses who are so passionate about the patients they help every day. Not only can you feel the compassion oozing out of them in the final product, you find yourself wanting to visit the clinic – not for the services, but to meet the wonderful women working behind the scenes to make sure every patient is comfortable and feels like family.

If the documentary video sounds like something you’d like to use as part of your marketing strategy, our team knows a thing or two about storytelling, and we would love to help you make a standout video to represent your brand. Contact us to get started.