Your viewers want to learn why you do what you do: teach them and they’ll feel more connected and valued

Educational videos are a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Videos that focus on sharing your organization’s knowledge with viewers offer many benefits: They help people understand your group’s mission, raise awareness of your cause, and make your audience feel more invested in the work you’re doing. When done well, they also mobilize those supporters to help. Sharing educational content without feeling like a professor during lecture means walking a fine line, and we know how to do it well. Unlike a promotional video, an educational video doesn’t focus on the “why” of your brand, but instead, on the “why” of your mission.

Contribute to Broad Awareness

For a mission-driven organization, you likely have key strategic goals to meet—but step one is spreading the word about your cause. Educational videos raise awareness of the issue you want people to care about. Make Every Vote Matter wants people to support their work to educate the voting public, but their core goal is simply to educate. We helped them create a fun yet deeply informative video about how the U.S. Electoral College works that combined motion graphics with clear, impartial information. The video helps viewers understand the history of the Electoral College—a valuable lesson for anyone—while also demonstrating the importance of making this information easily available—which is Make Every Vote Matter’s mission. By first establishing the importance of voter engagement and then offering viewers the tools to achieve it, you’ve energized them and then offered an outlet for that energy.

Showcase Your Expertise

Educational videos provide the perfect platform to showcase why your organization is uniquely qualified to advance its mission. Put your strengths on display while teaching your viewers something new that speaks to why your work is important. During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we helped ASPiRA Labs produce informational videos about the prevalence and severity of ovarian cancer. One of ASPiRA’s strengths is their broad network of survivors and advocates, and their commitment to emphasizing the scope of ovarian cancer and the people it affects. Their videos combined statistics with firsthand accounts from ASPiRA partners to highlight the devastating effects of the disease, while also demonstrating how ASPiRA’s person-first approach to advocacy sends a powerful message.

Offer an Outlet for Action

An effective educational video will rile up your viewers. Once they’re energized, provide them with options to support this mission that now matters to them. Our ASPiRA video’s primary goal was to educate, but its secondary goal was to mobilize viewers to spread the word. That’s why it ended with a call to action urging them to use the hashtag #WhoYouKnow to honor someone who has battled ovarian cancer. People took this chance to pay tribute to their loved ones on social media, spreading awareness of ovarian cancer first, and secondly, highlighting the work ASPiRA Labs is doing to improve women’s health. Educational videos deliver value to your audience in the form of new information, making them especially engaged with your message. The more engaged they are with your group, the more likely they are to support it.

Educational videos can help your organization develop a strong connection with your audience while increasing awareness of your cause. Contact our team at Bottle Rocket Media to get change people’s minds today.