Not every corporate speaker is a regular Tony Robbins—in fact, most aren’t even a Tony Danza (sorry, fans). Which is why ALL of your large company conferences, seminars, and presentations should incorporate some type of video component to help draw audiences deeper into the message at hand.

We’ve all been to the same, soul-sucking event: some buttoned-up representative with a forced smile and a barely audible voice stands before a drifting crowd of industry colleagues, who cannot resist their smartphones as a distraction from the monotony of some obscure graph, chart, demonstration or projection report. YAWN!

At Bottle Rocket Media, we can’t stand being bored either—and we want to help you avoid an unpleasant reputation for dullness through the power of cutting-edge visuals that can turn a dead-eyed crowd into wide-eyed one.

Introducing a new product:

You have one shot at making a first impression and it better be good! Instead of simply displaying your “groundbreaking widget” on a far away stage or describing your services through another boring Power Point, why not tell a much more compelling story? Featuring a driving soundtrack, crisp graphics, and well-written narration, a high quality video can help viewers get a more intimate look at everything your new release has to offer, inside and out, while learning about its value in the modern marketplace. Accompanied by one or multiple crystal clear LED monitors, audiences of hundreds can be just as entertained as if they were sitting in an IMAX theatre (or at least at home watching Netflix!).

Why not add a fun VR booth? While it may be impossible to outfit every attendee with VR gear, it is both impactful and cost-effective to have a 3D experience on hand that takes the audience even deeper into the product. Users can both walk way with increased brand knowledge and an added incentive to reply ‘yes’ on the next invite.

Announcing company changes—LIVE:

Thanks to the rise of 24/7, digital communications and the information super highway, corporations have become more worldwide than ever, hiring across countries, continents and cultures. As a consequence, many internal events are swiftly growing by number of in-person attendees and workers tuning in from remote locations. This has made the task of reaching (and impacting) the entire employee base at once a slightly complex process, although not one without a firm solution in video production.

With the right crew of professionals, and the right equipment, your massive events can be filmed LIVE and broadcasted in real time to anyone, anywhere, as long as they have Internet service. Just like a talk show or game show, in-person audience members might even catch themselves on screen!

Bottom line? With everyone taking in the same information, at the same time, (including live video presentations) leadership can feel confident that its full worker base is on the same page, and has a complete grasp of that new insurance plan or promotional campaign the brand is rolling out.

Celebrations, dinners, and awards ceremonies:

Whether honoring employees, partners, or simply celebrating a massive win, the message of the night itself is often not enough to keep an entire room entertained—particularly when many attendees have kids, spouses, and let’s face it, regular life stuff to tend to back at home.

Keep them in the room by offering a cinematic take on that merger you just completed, or the lifelong achievements of that legendary account executive that is about to retire. Use themes that tie departments and divisions together, and up the live interest by pre-recording attending staff that can offer anecdotes, insight, and funny quips on the behind-the-scenes aspect of the subject.

By telling a story that puts everyone in the room in the know, you can both create a sense of palpable unity, while increasing enthusiasm over future events.

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