Every great video starts with a great brainstorming session. Brainstorming creative video ideas is one of the few times quantity is more important than quality. It’s all about ideas, ideas, ideas.

Brainstorming allows you to be creative with your ideas, which is the first step to making a great video. Remember, there are no bad ideas in a brainstorming session.

While everyone or every team has their own process and style, our approach at Bottle Rocket Media will always begin with this one word: intention. It grounds us, and we begin to build from there.

1. What is the intention of the video?

This is your starting point. When you know this, share this information with your team. Is it in the brief? Even better. Make sure everyone has a copy of the video’s brief or creative direction and intention, and ask your team to come up with a list of unedited ideas. (This is your chance to be as over the top as your imagination will take you. Wild ideas are welcome.)

2. Share your ideas

Now, share and share alike. There is no room here for “that’ll never work” attitudes. This is a “Yes, and” situation. This is the time to throw out as many wild and crazy ideas as possible – the more ideas shared, the greater the chance the winning idea is born (the odds don’t lie).

3. Be ready to sacrifice your ideas

Trust the talent on your team; that’s why they’re there! Together, you have the opportunity to combine and expand upon ideas and drill down until you strike creative video idea gold.

Do not become too attached to your idea. State your ideas but trust your team to make them better. If your idea needs to die, let it die. It’s okay. Your job is to come up with the most creative idea for the video. Stay true to that mission.

4. Use a Mood Board

On a tactical note: we love a good Mood Board.  Creating a mood board is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Combine images, fonts, and examples of emotion to help the team focus on the intention and central topic.

For more inspiration, check out some of the creative videos Bottle Rocket Media has produced for our clients.

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