Since you already have quality pictures for an Amazon product listing, you may be thinking, what else do I need? Or Is it worth the effort to create product videos for Amazon?

Well, let’s think about it. Images are not the king of content visualization anymore. So in order for you to stay competitive in the market, you need to form something unique.

Known to help you stand out among the competition, the Amazon A+ content strategy is the enhanced feature that lets you add attractive details to the product description page, such as high-definition videos, quality images, comparison charts, and more.  

While images can make your listing amazing, video content makes it look impeccable to your visitors. In 2021, a statistic on digital consumer engagement tactics mentioned that 81 percent of market leaders used pre-produced videos for marketing. 

Below, we have compiled some significant steps about Amazon product video creation along with its importance. 

But first, let’s tackle the basic question. 

What are Amazon product videos?

Amazon’s objective is to provide a better shopping experience for customers. With an extensive collection of products and attractive images, Amazon is now one of the most appealing and primary selling points, with access to millions of prospective customers. Nowadays, product descriptions and images are evenly important for visitors, Amazon has also implemented its video listing to heighten a product’s presence. 

Amazon product videos are short videos that highlight your product features and how to use the product by casually giving ideas to the visitors about the usage of products. These product videos also help to boost conversions.

Special note:  Amazon product image requirements states they permit nine images to upload at a time for product listing. If you want to upload a video for your product, you need to leave some space. We suggest you reduce the number of images and place your video. 

Why Use Amazon Product Videos for Your Product Listing?

It’s hard not to acknowledge that Amazon houses some of the best-selling products in an e-commerce business. Their productivity is top-notch in terms of their quality service and exceptional ease of use.

When choosing to market a product on Amazon, it is surely important to have appealing photos, but these days with the increase in video views on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, taking your marketing initiative to the next level with video will be effective.

So, here are some reasons for using the Amazon product video listing on your product page.

1. Videos provide customers with necessary information

While an image or host of images explains the brief details of product information, Amazon seller videos allow you to gain more time with a viewer. A well-made product description video offers a chance for a prospective buyer to spend more time with your product listing to dig deeper into the product details. While visitors watch the live video of your product, it helps them to easily make a purchase decision.

2. Videos explain your products better

Unlike still imagery, a video shows moving objects. While images can show the basics of an item, a video shows the live usage of the product and all its features. 

3. Videos boost SEO and store ranking

Search engines constantly crawl information on the web and tailor their search to the things people are searching for. When adding an informative video about your product on your listing, you can add keywords to the title to increase the chance of getting ranked in a search engine like Google. This alone can help with your product visibility, exposure, and conversions. 

You can elevate your store ranking with product-related information and video explanation keywords placed on your product page.

4. Videos can also do damage control

Suppose you have posted a product on Amazon, and a few negative comments and ratings are lowering your overall product ratings. We all know reviews matter a great deal these days, so how does one tackle a negative rating? Consider using video to show the product’s real-time usage or address customer concerns in hopes of eliminating potential confusion and additional complaints. 

5. Videos turn visitors into buyers

People land on your product page to purchase the product. What’s next? You have to keep your prospective buyers engaged, that’s what. Truth is, not all products are buyer-friendly. Either way, videos help to eliminate concerns and questions about products and, in turn, encourage visitors to make a purchase. An attractive visual can play a vital role for visitors, encouraging them to purchase your product. 

Who can use Amazon Product Videos?

By introducing the A+ content feature, Amazon has brought video, adding advanced techniques to sellers and vendors. 

Formerly known as the enhanced brand content in Amazon, the A+ content strategy brings evolution to the Amazon product listing. The feature is available in Amazon seller central videos.

All  Amazon vendors and sellers will get the Amazon seller videos update.

Remember that you should register with the brand registry first to upload videos to your product listing. Brand owners, sellers, and vendors can upload videos on Amazon product listings, but they need to be registered.

How do I make a video for Amazon products?

Yes, video is an excellent source for conveying information to others. Yes, different social platforms include a lot of promotional videos to advertise products for this very reason. And yes, it is time for you to hop on the bandwagon happily. 

When you are wanting to create a professional-looking video, it is suggested you contemplate the following:

  • Will you use a camera, smartphone, or professional video production team?
  • Figure out the video style that will be best for your product
  • Identify or purchase extra lighting
  • Who will be doing the editing after creation, and what platform will you use?

Locate the experts when you’re unsure where to start or looking to have a video production team who can easily do the work for you. 

What are the different types of Amazon product videos?

Thinking of which type of Amazon product videos to use? We are here for you. You can include different types of Amazon product videos that include product explanations.

Here are some of the types of Amazon product videos you can create. 

1. Product highlights video

The product highlight video focuses on the overall features of the product. These videos are simple, effective, and concise.  

The highlight video enables you to view the product from every angle and experience its usefulness of the product. Use the highlight video to show the products in use and inform visitors of your product’s usefulness. 

2. Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short, impactful marketing video to communicate the complexities of your business, service, or product. A great explainer video should do the following:

  • Explain the long-term value of your product usage
  • Use understandable language and bright pictures
  • Show the style and design and explain features in detail

3. Lifestyle videos

Lifestyle video shows the ideal customer experiencing your product in the correct manner. The vital point of a lifestyle video is to cause a viewer to recognize themselves in the video or to want to identify and use the product based on the video. A lifestyle video should include the following. 

  • Making a bridge between your product and the experience you get
  • Showing usefulness, interaction, and expectation from the product
  • Showing the unique personality of your brand

4. Unboxing videos

You will most likely see a lot of unboxing videos on your social media timeline. There is a natural tactic with unboxing where there is some excitement along with a knack for showcasing the experience. The point is to highlight the ease of unboxing and how to put a product together and get ready for use. Various products such as electronic devices, phones, and DIY products are mainly the source of unboxing videos. An unboxing video can show the following. 

  • How to use the products
  • Assembling the product
  • How to install the product

5. Comparison videos

While other videos explain the features and the detailed usage of the products, this video type reveals all the secrets by comparing features.

Visitors get better solutions and product ideas while comparing the product. The comparison video explains the product differently while comparing the outcomes of competitors.

But you need to keep some points in mind:

  • Compare yourself with the competitors, but you mustn’t mention the competitors’ name
  • Compare your product’s potential in relation to a competitor

6. Brand story videos

Brand storytelling videos are widely popular. Why? Simply because people want to connect to your offering, to your mission, and why they should purchase your brand over others. 

Brand story videos can include some or all of the following:

  • Brand’s introduction and mission
  • The Founders
  • The product
  • Target audience
  • Differences from other brands

How to Create a Product Video for Amazon?

Uploading product videos for Amazon requires you to be a brand-registered seller. After registering, you have access to the seller page, and you can now upload videos. 

Follow these tips to create your amazon product video

  • Make sure you follow the Amazon guidelines to upload the video
  • Select your product video type (explainer, brand story, unboxing, lifestyle, etc.)  
  • Do not create long videos that are over 60 seconds, and brand-sponsored video timing is 45 sec
  • Provide product features and also mention benefits
  • Shoot with a solid background to create a product video
  • Have proper lighting and invest in a good-quality audio device
  • Add captions or text to your video, as many turn off sound while watching

What are the guidelines for Amazon product listing videos?

Can you upload all kinds of product-related videos to the Amazon product listing?

Yes, but you need to follow Amazon’s strict guidelines that have been implemented for the betterment of the platform.

Follow the guidelines below:

  • Upload videos in English and speak only English in the video
  • Comparison videos require the supported evidence against your claim
  • Show products usage, usefulness, and why you like it
  • Use reviews that are at least a year old
  • Your brand should be registered, products must be yours, and you are the sole owner
  • Use competitor information, but the information should be correct
  • Be careful of using explicit language or negative branding that harms a brand
  • Don’t use the product price and promotions or discount information
  • Don’t use any controversial topics like politics, medical claims, or health claims

How do I upload an Amazon product video?

Now that you know Amazon’s strict rules for product video listings, it is time to upload your video.

Amazon seller central includes powerful tools to manage and upload your videos. But remember to add some of the important things like

  • Product ASIN
  • Descriptive Title
  •  Less than 2GB file (.mov extension only)
  • Thumbnail image (.PNG)

Now follow the steps to upload your Amazon seller central video

  1. Go to Amazon Seller Central
  2. Find ‘Inventory’ on the tab
  3. Click the ‘upload and manage’ option
  4. Drag and drop the video on the ‘upload video’ page
  5. Place the product title, product ASIN, and a thumbnail image

The video on the product detail page might be a little longer (approximately 72 hours).

Final Thoughts

Video promotion is one of the best ways to elevate your Amazon product listing experience. As search engines evaluate video content more than text or images, you can create product videos for Amazon to improve your product page standing.

Our comprehensive guidelines will help you stand out and compete in the e-commerce sector. 

Bottle Rocket Media specializes in video production services and motion graphics services. Connect with our team to create your explainer, promotional, brand story, or how-to video for Amazon that will connect to your audience and make an impact.

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