How can you use and reuse your videos to maximize your spend, you ask? As always, Bottle Rocket Media is here for you. 

Here you are. With all this content. You’ve spent the dollars and have excelled at creating incomparable video content that you have handy for whatever is needed. 

Now, with the final cuts in your Google Drive Folder, you are in a place where you need to understand how to use all this fantastic content to your advantage. Your branding is stellar. The messaging is rockin’. The visual appeal makes you proud.  You are beyond thrilled to share because you just know the praise is on the other side of its release to the world! But, you keep thinking about how to get the most of your resources. 

For starters, we would like to say kudos to you for taking the pivotal step to create compelling video content to represent your brand, and for recognizing the need to do so, but what now?

1. Make a Plan

Plans may take a bit of time to create, but they provide direction and understanding of what exactly you would like to accomplish. 

  • Plans should provide a mission for your campaign. In order to define your mission successfully, you should acknowledge what phase of advertisement you may be in, doing so will help you to determine the strategy and content to deliver in your specific phase. 
  • Your plan should also include a schedule and should detail where you believe your target audience will be so you can deliver and meet your audience where they are. 

We encourage you to build a framework around your newly created video content and prepare yourself for the excitement to come from executing your plan properly. Make sure to deliberate with your team and be open to testing all elements of marketing: social media, website additions, landing pages, email campaigns, and maybe even add some ad campaigns to the mix! 

And, of course, whenever possible you should make this plan BEFORE you shoot your video.  This will allow your video team to consider getting that one shot or alternate line that will seamlessly take one video and turn it into two or more.

Bottle Rocket Media and Video Production

2. Test Your Plan

Since your plan is complete, get to testing it out! This part can be overwhelming so you have to make a commitment to keep yourself from getting completely overwhelmed by all the options available to you. Select 3 of the best platforms or marketing elements that you know your target audience is familiar with to share your content, then pay attention to the results! 

  • For videos, it is incredibly essential to get a handle on the attention spans of your audience and to ensure you don’t lose potential prospects because your video is too long! 
  • For social media, prepare to have shorter videos, between 30 seconds – 1 minute long. If needed, edit your long videos and share accordingly or have your video production company team create videos for you – just for social. Longer videos can certainly still be used, but not on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Try adding your full cut videos to a landing page specific to your video messaging, share it in a blog, or upload it to Youtube for an ad. The point to remember is, every platform has its specifications to be followed.

3. How To Know When To Reuse Your Video

There may be a negative impression around reusing and ultimately recycling an already used video, but in this regard, the world of marketing is similar to protecting the environment – there is nothing wrong with reducing, reusing, and recycling! You just have to be selective. Just as you are only supposed to recycle certain items, if your tested video content does not do well, there is no point to force it to be recycled. It is important to be creative here! Edit the video differently, make it longer, or make it shorter, test this video on more platforms and once again record the results.

There are plenty of companies out there that continue to reuse one piece of content over and over if warranted. I don’t know about you, but I have seen the same Microsoft Teams commercial on Facebook, Youtube, and on my streaming television service!

Think of your videos and assets (whether it be blogs, images, or videos) like a movie people continue to talk about years later and share because of its influence. The more it is shared, and the various ways it has been shared, the more exposure and visibility it will receive, and eventually, people catch on and hop on the bandwagon to…purchase. 

Think of your content as no different!

If you have a video question and are looking to create another branding video, we would love to chat with you about everything from telling a great story to the latest drone technology. From conception to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and what we can do for your brand, connect with us here.