Let’s face it. This last election cycle has been rough. No matter who you are, where you live, or what your political affiliation, you cannot deny that modern media is making a HUGE impact on the way we as a society (and individually) can often think, feel and act.

Especially through the ubiquitous use of video – available on large and tiny LED screens everywhere – networks, film studios, and social media sites are doing everything they can to get their politically tinged messaging across.

And it’s working.

You’ve seen it on Facebook and Instagram. You’ve heard it in bars, coffee shops and restaurants; people are reacting to the virtual world in a way we have never experienced before. Emotions are flying, the arguments seem endless, and yet it seems we still look to computers and flat screens for a BREAK from stress.

What the hell is wrong with us?

No doubt about it—we are now addicted to video in every form, and its ADD-inducing power on us is not getting any weaker.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, there is some really good news that we at Bottle Rocket are very eager to share: media and video can be used to benefit society as well as tear it to shreds (who knew?).

But don’t take our word for it. According to a promising article in Psychology Today, IQs may actually be “rising with advances in media assisted learning and interactive game playing”—a quick glimpse of PBS’ animated lineup is all that’s needed to understand the breadth of video/educational tools on the market today. Man, we got ripped off!

Meanwhile, communication is apparently increasing across cultures and, believe it or not, media is helping to better inform the public of important subject matter. Think: how many times have you used Wikipedia in just the last week alone? Or watched a documentary on Netflix? Or cried during a newscast?

Bottom line? The impact of media on our lives can be just as positive as it can be negative – and as we have witnessed, it’s all in the messaging! Video can educate our kids and introduce new technologies. Video sparks our imagination, helps us dream bigger, and when done right it can make a lasting impression.

[VIDEOS!] Just take a look at these FIVE amazing ways modern video techniques are helping patients living with autism, chronic pain, mental health issues and memory loss.

For the last few years, the video production industry has also seen the incredible positivity and growth generated in the field of environmentally friendly energies. Connecting the world with these modern concepts, through crisp audio and visuals, is helping to change lives and communities right before our very eyes—check out National Geographic’s cinematic take on renewables here.

All of us at the Chicago studio began our journeys into the realm of video production because we wanted to leave this planet a bit more engaged and appreciative when we bite the dust. So, let us help you tell a story that can improve experiences and leave a positive imprint.

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