When you are at a place where all you know for sure is that your brand needs longevity, the desire for your brand’s story to be remembered is always at the forefront of your mind.  And sometimes, it can become overwhelming.  

But you know… something is missing when you have a handle on the message you want to share, but you are battling with how to release it with the finesse needed to appeal to an audience that matters; your audience.

Guess what?! We have an answer for you. Follow along. 

You need video! You need video to do the talking for your brand! 

Let us elaborate on why you should commit to making plenty of professional video content for the rest of this decade and beyond!

Video Content Lasts A Long Time

Think about your favorite classic films. Your favorite music videos. Your favorite commercials or videos you recently shared with friends and family on social media! Video has the “it” factor to grab viewers’ attention for moments and years to come! Videos can be stored on many platforms to be reused and reshared, and many times will be the cause of future inspiration for generations – you need to be a part of that category – we know!

Video Pulls At The Heartstrings of Its Audience

Every emotion we wonderful humans can feel can be triggered by watching a video! Want to be scared? Watch a horror clip. Want to cry? OMG, please watch a clip of a dog suffering (we do not encourage you to do this alone). Want to feel happy? Do a search on Instagram for dancing babies. Like, how is it that babies are so cute when they dance or laugh? Baby laugh is infectious–admit it! Whatever you want or need your audience to feel, you can easily illicit all the dramatics in your targeted audience, and the purpose of that is what we call a “Call To Action” in the marketing world. As a brand or company, you may ask what kind of Call To Action you should provide to your audience via video. Think about how to display your brand in a way that connects to your audience emotionally. Get your audience to do what is needed for you to get your next sale. Your next lead. Your next brand follower. 

Video Tells A Story In An Interesting Way

We can all agree that there are several ways to convey your story effectively. The modes of communication and connection are ever-evolving. How you deliver your brand story can feel like an endless choice, but factor in what your audience will respond to the most Is it the visual appeal? Is it an emotional trigger? Or is it both?

Video inhabits a space that can incorporate several means of communication and can engage many human senses at once. The ability to immerse your viewers in what they hear, see, feel, and if done right, a viewer can even imagine what something smells like because of the visual aspect. All those senses combined with a meaningful or direct story of your brand can capture your audience’s attention and inevitably catapult your business forward. 

So why not get started on connecting the above 3 points and acknowledge it’s your time for your brand to shine through video? Your audience is waiting!

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