Find Your Next Rockstar With A Killer Recruitment Video

Finding a million reasons why your company is a great place to work is easy. But listing them all in a way that attracts top talent is a little more of a challenge. If you are like most companies and have difficulty summarizing your culture in a way that resonates with potential new hires, a recruitment video might solve all of your problems.

Recruitment videos can be a practical and creative way to entice potential employees by showcasing what makes your company an appealing workplace. Whether you’re hoping to nab people who come to your site directly or to catch someone’s eye in a crowded Facebook feed, a top-notch recruitment video can set you apart from your competition. There are many different ways to craft an effective recruitment video, but if you follow these key steps, you’ll be on the right track.

Convey Company Culture

Cultural fit within a company is one of the core considerations for today’s most in-demand talent. Potential employees want to find a company that is a good fit for them both professionally and personally. An effective recruitment video will set the right tone and attract like-minded people to your company. Take a look at the qualities at the heart of your company: your core values, your mission statement, and your collective goals. If you’re not sure how to put your culture into words, use your branding keywords as a starting point to orient yourself. Are you an impact-driven nonprofit? A trendy, fun tech startup? Each will be best served by a distinctly different style of a recruitment video. The more accurately your video captures your company culture, the more likely you will connect with people whose values align with yours.

BambooHR has a standout example of a recruitment video that really gets the company culture across. Rather than focus on mundane weekday details, they show the audience what their employees choose to do with their time outside of work. This puts the emphasis on their employees as real-life people (with interests and families and lives outside the office) and, by extension, the work/life balance they provide. As the video makes clear, it is their top cultural priority.

Share Employee Perspectives and Insights

What better way to show what it’s like at your office than to let your employees speak for themselves? Featuring employee testimonials increases the authenticity of your video and gives a clear picture of what employees are working on and what they value about their job. Be sure to strategically choose which employees you want to feature based on the audience you’re trying to reach.

Bottle Rocket’s company video for Centro (voted the best place to work in Chicago for the past four years) shows just how effective testimonials can be. By combining sound bites from employees with focused leadership interviews and day-to-day shots of their office in action, the big picture of working for Centro comes together to tell an inspiring story. Employee testimonials are also one of the best ways to convey company culture –what employees choose to highlight in their commentary sheds light on the atmosphere and opportunities available at your organization.

Highlight Perks and Benefits

Sure, a fun-loving culture and opportunities for professional growth are all important perks to emphasize, but let’s not forget about the benefits! A recruitment video isn’t necessarily the time to get into the nitty-gritty of 401k’s and healthcare packages, but it can be a good time to highlight the more concrete benefits you offer employees that set you apart from the pack. Maybe it’s free food, unlimited vacation time, or flexible hours—no matter what’s on the table, a recruitment video is the perfect time to let potential talent know how working for you can make their lives better.

Hubspot’s take on recruitment is a traditional one, but it’s a high-quality example that does a great job outlining the benefits of working for them. It accomplishes this while also incorporating employee input and important cultural characteristics, like their approach to changing seats on a regular basis and enforcing a “no doors” policy for everyone, even top execs. After watching this video, you know exactly what your day-to-day routine would look like at Hubspot HQ, and what they offer beyond the basics that could influence your decision to join their team.

Have Fun with It

At the end of the day, you want your recruitment video to feel genuine and inviting in a way that’s true to your company’s core values. Approach the video with an open mind and a sense of fun, and you’ll leave with something great. Working with a professional video production company can bring in fresh creative perspectives, simplify the filming and editing process and guarantee a polished finished product. If you’re looking to create a slam-dunk recruitment video to bring in fresh talent, let’s talk..