Website Redesign Launch By Creative Director, Dan Wulfing, Spotlights User-Friendly Experience

Bottle Rocket Media is evolving – fast. New directors, editors, producers, freelancers, and clients mark a video production company with no signs of slowing down. So, why not redesign the website to prove it!?

Creative director, Dan Wulfing, who oversaw the development of the new site, could not be more keen on keeping an online presence that stands out among the rest: “Considering our growth as a Chicago entity, we needed our branding and marketing to match. So, we took a deep breath and dove in to create a much more engaging experience that integrates all areas of the site into one crisp, seamless flow.”

Simple, bold copy and user-friendly tabs and links on every page help visitors get up close with the entire team (newbies included), its clients, and of course, mind-blowing clips from their latest projects:  “The site is easy on the eyes, with a darker, cinematic aesthetic that feels like an escape rather than another cookie-cutter online sales pitch,” adds Wulfing. “We want visitors to stay, watch, have a great experience, and come away with video possibilities they might have never imagined.”

Our website will now showcase its portfolio in sections – PROMOTIONAL, DOCUMENTARY, EXPLAINER, CORPORATE, 360 VIDEO and MOTION – spotlighting the ability to meet the demands of almost any type of business, large or small.

Our newest feature is the CASE STUDIES page. Viewers can see for themselves just how impactful video and/or 360-degree video can be. According to Wulfing, from working with the Chicago Cubs to Dyson and Epsilon (and more), there are tons of success stories to be shared: “The case studies are a true gateway into our world and how we operate. Visitors can better visualize exactly how we approach every challenge, overcome obstacles that are unique to the project, and create beneficial outcomes for our valued clients.”

While Wulfing’s design style takes the site to a whole new level, visually and technically, he has also helped imbue a “virtual vibe” that fits perfectly with the collective personality of Bottle Rocket Media’s staff of professionals: laid back, down to earth, efficient and, most importantly, geekily passionate about video production.

“The bottom line is that we are not just another production house trying to turn a buck—we are real people who want to help share positive messaging through what we love and through the most creative and groundbreaking solutions,” Wulfing concludes. “We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next project and the new website is designed as a reflection of that. I couldn’t be prouder of the launch, or more excited to share our work with the world.”