Zeroing in on your video’s vision needs to be your first step. Here’s how to do it

Too often in video projects, teams make simple but crucial mistakes at the outset that derail the project later on. In our experience, all of these problems start with not having a clear vision. Before you even touch a camera, know what story you want to tell. Outlining a vision is a lot easier than it sounds, especially if you follow the following steps.

Define Your Audience
There are many stories to tell, and even more ways to tell them, which is why tailoring your vision to your intended audience is rule number one. Before you consider what your video should look like, first decide who it’s for, and the impact you want to make. Focusing the scope of your video, will lay the foundation that gives the rest of the project its shape.

Now that you know who you’re trying to reach and what you’re hoping to accomplish, start with a big group brainstorm. Even if you’re working on the project solo, input from others early on can be hugely beneficial. Once you have a sizeable set of ideas on paper, combine or narrow down concepts to the most unique, creative or effective ones. This is a great time for debate and discussion, but once you move on from this stage, the team should be united behind the final idea.

Find Your Angle
Now it’s time to think about  how you’ll deliver that message. There are countless ways to do this: the one that’s right for your message depends on the nature of your brand. Whether you choose humor, shock value, strong emotional stimulation or a different approach, look at the concept through the eyes of your audience. You can craft a beautiful video with an impeccably realized vision, but if it doesn’t resonate with your audience, it will never be a success. Remember, what appeals to your target demographic doesn’t necessarily appeal to you.

Get It Down in Writing
With the structuring work complete, it’s time to put your vision into action. Until now, your ideas and concepts have been abstract, and no matter how comprehensive your plan is, it still only exists in your head. Put together a rough script and a storyboard, so you can see your ideas take shape. While you don’t need to nail down all the nitty gritty details of your final video, your storyboard should be a comprehensive, frame-for-frame visualization of the finished product you have in mind.

Call in the Professionals
Putting all of these pieces together without the help of experts is not always easy. At Bottle Rocket Media, our passion is helping companies bring their vision to life with high-quality video that stands out. From early creative concepts to a polished final product, we’re there with you every step of the way. If you’re ready to make a marketing video that packs a punch, get in touch with us today.