Drive conversions with an explainer video

Believe it or not, one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos. That’s a lot of screen time, even for us. This is great news to marketers, though! Here’s why: Video is currently the most popular way to promote and drive brand engagement, and a marketer’s job is to find the best, most effective way to deliver a brand’s message and reach its target audience. Coincidence or fate? We’ll let you decide. Here’s how to capitalize on video’s growing popularity.

Spotlight on Explainer Videos

What are they? Explainer videos tell an audience about a company’s products or services. Most likely to be found front and center on a website’s homepage, these videos are best described as short, fun, and informative. And when we say short, we’re talking two minutes, tops. With the next distraction only a new tab away, the quicker and more creatively you can present the information, the better. ProTip: Nix the text-heavy stuff and try something that will make your brand stand out. Spotify does this with basic illustrations, their signature green, heavy brass and a steady drum beat.

Why are they effective? Explainer videos are easy to share, a great way to showcase a brand’s personality, grab the audience’s attention (when done right, of course), and make a brand more memorable to a consumer. That last part alone will do wonders for expanding your audience and increasing brand awareness. Dollar Shave Club checks all these boxes, throws in an extra dose of brand humor, and ends up with one of the most hilarious videos we’ve ever seen.

Why are they worth it? A few reasons, actually. One: Consumers like video and like to be informed when it comes to purchasing a product service. This combination is what makes explainer videos so lucrative. For example, 90% of Internet users say product videos are helpful in the decision-making process, and 64% are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. In other words: explainer videos are a catalyst for conversions.

Our work with SOS Soap Pads. We personally love the creative work that goes into helping brands produce explainer videos, which made working with SOS to showcase their non-scratch scrubber so much fun. To show consumers how well the scrubber worked, we used footage of someone using it to clean some significantly caked-on, baked-on leftovers. A quick voice-over reiterated exactly what the product does and how it should be used and conveyed that while this product is a dirty dish’s worst nightmare, your hands won’t end up dried out and in need of moisturizer. The final product was creative, informative, engaging, and only 30 seconds long. All key elements of a successful explainer video.

Between our quest to be informed consumers, our short attention spans, and perpetual screen time, the explainer video couldn’t have come into the spotlight at a better time for both brands and their audiences. Feel free to browse our video library for more examples of BRM-produced explainer videos, and if you’re ready to start using video to tell the world about your products and services, contact us today