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Basis Brand Video

ASK: Our long-time client, Centro, did a massive re-branding/name change effort in 2021. They are now called Basis Technologies. As part of the re-branding, they re-designed their whole website and wanted to create all new videos to be featured on the new website.

CHALLENGE: The original brand Centro brand heavily featured their bright, airy offices, and the people of Centro. The new Basis Technologies brand’s color palette was a complete 180-degree flip. It was a black-on-black look. Dark backgrounds and white text, kind of vibe. They discovered a new element, the hexagon shape, and it was meant to be a prominently featured shape. With the various new elements, people would still be the featured component, just living in the black-on-black world.

Basis Technologies requested we design and create 10 unique black-on-black office environments for us to shoot photography, interviews, and video b-roll. Captured photos would be used on the site and for all new branding efforts. The video footage captured would be the foundation for 8 new videos created by the BRM team. 

SOLUTION: Fortunately for us, Basis had an incredible internal team that we partnered with to execute their vision. Working side-by-side with their team, we formulated a plan to take on this massive project.

We took over their Chicago offices and turned their largest room into our production studio. We painted the walls shades of very dark grey and used that space over and over again to be a range of office environments: Casual seating areas, conference rooms, general office spaces, home offices, and more. 

Our production design department rented and shopped for dozens of furniture options (all shades of grey or black), and customized a host of props to be all black; desktop computers, laptops, desktop accessories, plants, moveable walls, screens, phones, and everything in between. 

Hexagon furniture, hexagon wall panels, and hexagon felt pads were hung for each of our unique office setups. We even hung a range of unique light fixtures (some hexagon-shaped of course!) for the different environments. 

RESULTS: We produced thousands of photos, hours of 4K and 6K footage of interviews, and slow-motion b-roll. Visit their website and click around to see all of our work in action. You can also watch all of the videos we produced at this link.

We’re extremely proud of the work we did on this project, and we’re honored to have earned their trust to take on such a massively important project.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Partnering with BRM was one of the best choices we made for our rebrand — they were our nexus point for the production, photography, animation, and video. Their professionalism and creative precision translated into a successful rebrand launch that not only showcased our product on a high-level but also our people.”

Jenn Rachwalski
Sr Design Director
Basis Technologies

Brett Singer
Siobhan Summers