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Byline Bank | OTT Small Business Open

Byline Bank

When Byline Bank was preparing for their OTT Connected TV Ad Campaign, they turned to our team for a series of eye-catching animated videos. Our talented creatives set out to work, crafting a set of 2D videos that perfectly captured Byline Bank’s message and style. With an elegant color palette and dynamic kinetic animation style, the end result is a video series that not only looks great but also grabs the viewer’s attention from the very first frame.

Great animation is more than just flashy graphics and dynamic movement. It’s about creating a seamless experience that connects with viewers and leaves a lasting impression. And that’s exactly what we accomplished with these videos for Byline Bank. Every detail, from the script to the final cut was carefully crafted to create a powerful marketing tool that tells Byline Bank’s story compellingly and professionally.

Mikey Cappuccilli
Siobhan Summers