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Centro | Basis


ASK: A brand video for Centro’s new software platform Centro Basis.

CHALLENGE: Centro has been a long time customer of Bottle Rocket Media. Over the years their business has grown dramatically. They’ve been building towards a release and re-branding of their flagship software platform, Centro Basis. This video is about a vibe, a feeling, and how Basis is going to change how people work. 

SOLUTION: We created an informative and engaging piece with a flowing narrative that moves from moment to moment, infused with music and sound effects, all to elicit a feeling. The end result is elegant. The creation of this video was born out of a script provided by Centro, refined by Bottle Rocket Media, and visually inspired by new website branding elements. We spent some time exploring animation and illustration styles before finding the perfect tone for the piece. Music and sound effects are an integral part of the spot as they both highlight and bridge various moments.

RESULTS: They loved it! It struck the perfect tone for their branding and marketing efforts, and from that video, other social media content spots were extracted or inspired by its design and style.

Dan Wulfing
Siobhan Summers