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Cormentum | Gratitude


We had the privilege of collaborating with Cormentum, a pioneer in professional team-building and employee engagement solutions. This project involved the production of a video course, part of a series designed to redefine the team-building and culture transformation experience. Here’s a breakdown of the ask, challenges, and the solution:

ASK: Cormentum approached us with a unique request – to create a video course centered on the theme of Gratitude. The course was intended to be part of their broader library of on-demand, guided team-building workshops. Cormentum’s vision was to empower organizations with tools that facilitate meaningful team conversations and help navigate change. The ask was to translate their culture transformation expertise into an engaging and impactful video course.

CHALLENGE: This project presented several challenges, which required innovative solutions:

1. Presenter Selection: We found the right presenters who aligned with Cormentum’s expertise and engaged with casting agencies to identify individuals who could effectively convey the course’s message.

2. Location Scouting: We identified an ideal location that would serve as the backdrop for the video course, aligning with the course’s theme and enhancing its visual appeal.

3. Efficiency in Production: Eight courses had to be shot in a single day with a three-camera crew while maintaining high production quality and capturing the essence of each course.

4. Visual Consistency: Establishing a visual language and template that is consistent across all courses in the series was essential.

5. Post-Production: Efficiently assembling the courses in post-production, including editing and design, while ensuring the content remained engaging and effective.

SOLUTION: We approached this project with a clear strategy to overcome the challenges and deliver a transformative video course:

1. Presenter Selection: Through our extensive casting procedure and collaboration with casting agencies, we identified presenters who could authentically convey the messages with kindness and authority. Their passion and expertise aligned perfectly with Cormentum’s vision.

2. Location Scouting: We scouted and secured a visually stunning location that resonated with the themes across the courses. This location was an inspiring backdrop for the course, enhancing its visual appeal and message.

3. Efficient Production: With meticulous planning and a dedicated three-camera crew, we executed the production efficiently, capturing eight courses in one day while maintaining high production quality. The team’s talent, professionalism, and dedication were instrumental in this success.

4. Visual Consistency: We established a visual language and template consistent across all courses in the series. This ensured a cohesive and professional look that aligned with Cormentum’s branding and message.

5. Post-Production Excellence: Our post-production team of editors and designers assembled the courses quickly, leveraging the established visual template. This allowed us to maintain a fast turnaround while ensuring the content remained engaging and effective.

CONCLUSION: Working with Cormentum was a testament to our ability to translate expertise into engaging content. The video course empowered organizations with the tools to foster gratitude and enhance team dynamics. We are proud to have created content that met and exceeded the client’s expectations, reflecting their dedication to empowering individuals and organizations for positive change.

Brett Singer
Siobhan Summers