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Cormentum | Team Well-Being – Trailer


THE ASK:  Create two dozen MasterClass Workshops for a professional online video training company. The client provided the scripts, and we took care of everything else: casting, wardrobe, locations, shooting, directing, editing, motion graphics, and audio design.

THE CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge was the amount of content we needed to shoot in a day due to budget restrictions. We shot 7 – 10 workshops per day across several capture sessions. Each workshop is about 15 minutes of content, which is a lot of content for an actor to cover in a day. 

Additionally, we didn’t want the same look for all of the workshops so we needed to rent a location that allowed for multiple setups, knowing we would have to move quickly from one setup to the next. Not an easy task for a three-camera shoot.

The post-production challenge was finding an efficient way to organize and edit each of these videos, X3 cameras, across multiple takes.  It would inevitably be a lot of footage.


First, we spent significant time in the casting process, ensuring that we found talented on-camera personnel. Veteran actors with teleprompter experience could read through many script pages and still look fresh and energized throughout the long shooting days.

Second, we found locations that were flexible enough to support multiple setups and allowed us to quickly change the look without needing to pack up our gear each time completely.  A location with large layouts allowed us to avoid stairs or elevators and simply move down a hall or across the lobby to get a fresh look.

In post-production, our editing team designed templates and rules-based guidelines for how to use the footage.  This allowed multiple editors to assist in the process without taking the creative in the wrong direction.  If we needed another editor to help us meet a deadline, the transfer of information was seamless.  This type of setup allowed us to refine the editing process, which also sped things up. 


A thrilled client, of course. Just visit their website, and you can see all the workshops we produced for them. What we created for them represents 100% of their workshop output. They have a fantastic variety of courses available. 

Because of the high quality of these Masterclass workshops, the client has been asked to create custom workshops for Fortune 500 companies.  We also produced these.  The difference between these and the original videos is the use of real people from each organization to guide the videos.  For these, we spent more time coaching the on-camera talent, which meant we could produce fewer videos in a day, but the results were just as positive.


“Bottle Rocket Media is incredibly creative and helps us elevate our ideas into great content — their team thinks outside the box. No matter the challenge we’re facing or the ideas we have, Bottle Rocket Media calmly and quickly addresses them and presents solutions that exceed expectations. Bottle Rocket Media is a truly exceptional partner.”

Jonathan Schultz, Co-Founder