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Crafthouse Cocktails | Backstory

Crafthouse Cocktails

ASK: The luxury pre-mix cocktail brand, Crafthouse Cocktails, wanted a video to tell their origin story in a compelling way. 

CHALLENGE: This video was all about selecting a location that would provide the environment for two friends and business partners to relax, and reminisce while having a candid conversation about the start of the business. 

Crafthouse Cocktails and Bottle Rocket Media

SOLUTION: The selected location was the Crow’s Nest, co-founder Matt’s first bar, and where he and Charles met. Having this location provided a natural space to reconnect to the origin of the founders meeting and the beginning of their business relationship.

RESULTS: The authenticity of listening to two friends chat about their journey of creating this business created a story in video form worthy of being watched. 

Crafthouse Cocktails and Bottle Rocket Media

The Bottle Rocket Media team loves this video. The client was thrilled, and in a short, one-day shoot, during the pandemic, we captured a beautiful-looking conversation. We also shot some hero footage for each of their cocktails, and some gorgeous b-roll of Charles mixing each drink from scratch and created some shorter social spots from this footage.

Brett Singer
Siobhan Summers