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Dyson | Bambuser – Airstraight Demo


THE ASK: Dyson approached us to produce a series of multi-cam live-streaming video episodes to air on a home shopping video platform. These episodes were designed to serve as a platform for Dyson experts and engineers to demonstrate and sell their products. The objective of this particular episode was to showcase the features and benefits of Airstraight through engaging discussions and real-time product demonstrations.

THE CHALLENGE: This project presented several unique challenges that required meticulous planning and execution:

1. On-Location Shooting: Typically we shoot these in a studio in Chicago.  This project had to be broadcast from a Dyson pop-up location in New York City during a week-long product launch of the Airstraight. Coordinating logistics, securing the location, and managing the crew were essential for a successful shoot.

2. Real-Time Production (at a specific time): because we had to go live at a particular time we needed to light, block, and rehearse, getting out all the kinks of a new product beforehand; non a moment to spare to ensure a flawless execution of the episode within a 60-minute timeframe.

3. Integration of Product Demo: Incorporating live demonstrations of a product is always challenging.  Working with a new, less-tested product raises the stakes.  A product that involves hair raises them even more.  (Fortunately, Dyson products work so we were prepared for the worst but it wasn’t necessary for this product).

THE SOLUTION: Our team approached this project with a comprehensive strategy to address each challenge and deliver a compelling video series:

1. Location Coordination: We arranged for the local New York crew and meticulously planned the logistics for the shoot at Dyson’s flagship store, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process.

2. Set Design: We utilized several engaging backdrops that were already on location for the product launch.  This allowed us to get set faster with less crew on the design team. 

3. Real-Time Production: We rehearsed with the product and blocked the talent (Dyson engineers, hair stylists, and models) and had contingency plans for when something (hair) went wrong.  During the live-to-tape recording, we used two teleprompters so the talent could be themselves and not be glued to one camera.  We managed the three-camera setup with basic radio technology and ensured a seamless flow of the episode. 

THE RESULT: This ongoing partnership with Dyson has allowed us to bring their innovative products to a global audience through live video experiences. Our joint commitment to meticulous planning, talent coordination, and real-time production has resulted in multiple episodes that effectively showcase their products, contributing to Dyson’s continued success in the market. 

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