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JCC | Promotional Video

Jewish Community Center Chicago

ASK: The Jewish Community Center of Chicago wanted to create a video that speaks to the idea of community.

CHALLENGE: Create a concept that focuses on the emotional connections gained from the JCC community with a simple call to action; all are welcome.  

SOLUTION: We worked closely with the marketing department ideating on how to showcase the community. Once we settled on the approach we got to work finding an authentic, real-person cast and the accompanying locations. This is always challenging, as willing participants with similar schedules are often hard to find.  Ultimately we wound up shooting all four locations in two days.  It was very fast-paced.  During post-production, we weaved an emotional story that allowed the authenticity of the relationships to shine through and deliver the message.

Jewish Community Center and Bottle Rocket Media

RESULTS: The team at the JCC worked closely with us to create the most authentic product, on paper than on screen.  It was an emotional collaboration that shows how much they care about the community they are supporting.  Everybody was happy with the results.

Dan Fisher
Siobhan Summers