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KMART | Savings All the Way


Bottle Rocket Media had the opportunity to collaborate with IMX Studios, the in-house production company of KMart department stores, on a high-impact 15-second broadcast commercial titled “Savings All the Way.” This project exemplified our ability to handle end-to-end video production swiftly and effectively.

THE ASK: IMX Studios approached us with a clear and time-sensitive request – to produce a short, attention-grabbing commercial for KMart, highlighting their holiday season savings. The objective was to create a visually appealing and engaging ad that would resonate with holiday shoppers and drive foot traffic to KMart stores.  

THE CHALLENGE: This project presented several challenges due to its rapid holiday release timeline:

1. Limited time frame: The need for a quick turnaround meant that every aspect of production, from shooting to editing and motion graphics, needed to be executed efficiently.

2. Creative Impact: In just 15 seconds, we had to convey the message of holiday savings while ensuring the commercial was visually appealing and memorable.

3. Client Expectations: The ad needed to meet the client’s expectations and align with the KMart brand, which required meticulous attention to detail and a clear understanding of their vision.

THE SOLUTION: We approached this project with a focused strategy to meet the challenges and exceed the client’s expectations:

1. Concise Storytelling: Recognizing the brevity of the commercial, we crafted a concise yet impactful narrative centered on KMart’s holiday savings. The script was designed to grab viewers’ attention and deliver the message clearly and memorably.

2. Efficient Production: We swiftly organized all aspects of video production, from producing and directing to casting, production design, wardrobe styling, editing, color correction, and motion graphics. Effective project management ensured that every stage of production ran smoothly within the tight time frame.

3. Visual Appeal: We employed visual elements that resonated with the holiday season, including festive decorations, warm lighting, and engaging scenes of shoppers discovering great deals. The visuals were designed to create a sense of holiday cheer and urgency.

4. Client Satisfaction: Close communication with IMX Studios and KMart allowed us to align the commercial at every point in the process. Their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the final product confirmed that we had achieved the desired outcome.

THE RESULT: KMart’s ‘Savings All the Way’ commercial exemplifies our ability to deliver exceptional results even under tight deadlines. The commercial successfully conveyed KMart’s holiday savings message, captured the season’s spirit, and ran throughout the holiday season, contributing to a successful marketing campaign. 

Dan Fisher
Brett Singer