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Leaf Home

In our collaboration with Leaf Home, a nationwide leader in home improvement solutions, we embarked on a project to create an investor video that effectively conveys the company’s mission, values, and commitment to homeowners. Here’s a breakdown of the ask, challenges, and the solution:

THE ASK: Leaf Home approached us with a clear request – to produce an investor video showcasing their diverse range of home improvement products and services. Their goal was to attract potential investors by demonstrating their unique position in the market. They wanted two videos that would encapsulate their values, dedication to quality, and vision for the future; one high-level video at 3:00, and one video at 25:00 for a deeper dive into the company. The ultimate goal was to craft a narrative that would instill confidence in Leaf Home’s potential.

THE CHALLENGE: Comprehensive storytelling combined with investor engagement: Often investor videos focus solely on the numbers.  Leaf Home knew that for this type of engagement to be successful they needed more than financial projections.  That’s why they came to BRM.  We knew that we needed to capture the essence of Leaf Home’s multifaceted business model, including its diverse client base, its expansion from gutters to the whole home, and the passion behind it all.  Still, we needed to ensure that the video informed and inspired confidence in Leaf Home’s mission.

THE SOLUTION: With an eye on Leaf Home’s values we dug into the numbers and came up with a story that resonates with its viewers.

1. Create a Strong Narrative: We worked closely with top executives to craft a short video script that offered an engaging narrative full of facts. It began with an introduction emphasizing a home’s importance and transitioned smoothly into Leaf Home’s mission and values.  This short script informed the direction of the longer video which is interview-driven.

2. Find Engaging Executives: For the longer video, we broke down the short version into bullet points and matched each idea with the appropriate Leaf Home team member.  This was helpful during the interview process because it allowed us to interview subjects who were experts on specific aspects of the Leaf Home mission, which allowed the longer video to stay true to its people and its mission.

3. Product Showcase and Brand Differentiation: A dedicated section highlighted Leaf Home’s innovative products, ranging from gutter protection to safety solutions. This allowed viewers to gain a clear understanding of the company’s offerings. Additionally, the story highlighted what sets Leaf Home apart: its direct-to-consumer approach, commitment to customer service, in-house team of experts, and post-installation support.

THE RESULT: We’re proud to say that this video is a testament to our ability to craft compelling narratives that inform, inspire, and engage. It communicated Leaf Home’s mission, values, and growth potential to potential investors.

Dan Fisher
Siobhan Summers