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LexCheck | Explainer Video


At Bottle Rocket Media, we understand that every product deserves a narrative that transcends the ordinary. Our recent collaboration with LexCheck, for the launch of their CoPilot product, exemplifies our commitment to transforming concepts into captivating visual experiences. From concept through delivery, we embarked on a journey to create a 90-second product video that met and exceeded LexCheck’s expectations.

THE ASK: Crafting a Compelling CoPilot Explainer Video

LexCheck approached us with a clear objective – they needed a 90-second product video for their upcoming CoPilot launch. Seeking a partner to take charge from concept through delivery, they turned to Bottle Rocket Media to bring their vision to life.

OUR APPROACH: A Holistic Journey from Concept to Delivery

We began by immersing ourselves in LexCheck’s world, taking the time to understand their goals and vision for CoPilot. We set the foundation for a collaborative and successful partnership by aligning our objectives with theirs.

Our storytelling journey started with gathering key facts about CoPilot and LexCheck’s call to action. The result was an authentic script that not only conveyed information but also resonated with the target audience, setting the stage for a compelling narrative.

Our design team, known for their visionary outlook, crafted a visual identity for the CoPilot video that surpassed conventional standards. From style frames to client presentations, their creative vision was a cornerstone in shaping the look and feel of the video.

Upon client approval, we seamlessly transitioned to the animation phase, breathing life into the design concepts. Every frame was meticulously crafted to ensure a visually engaging and dynamic exploration of CoPilot’s features and benefits.

As storytellers at heart, our editorial process revolved around audio for this all-animated video. From carefully selecting music to crafting impactful voiceovers and integrating sound effects, we ensured that every auditory element complemented the visual narrative, creating a harmonious viewer experience.

A well-oiled machine is at the heart of every successful project. Our project management ensured that we stayed on track, on time, and on budget. This efficiency allowed us to navigate complexities seamlessly, delivering a polished product within the specified timeframe.

THE RESULTS: A Dynamic Explainer Video and Happy Client

The culmination of our efforts was a dynamic explainer video that not only met LexCheck’s expectations but surpassed them. The CoPilot video became a powerful tool for increasing sales, a showcase on their website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.

LexCheck’s vision for CoPilot was brought to life, and the video became an impactful asset in their marketing arsenal. At Bottle Rocket Media, we don’t just create videos; we navigate the realms of creativity to tell stories that resonate and drive results.

Dan Wulfing
Michelle Niemiec