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Sears | Get it At Sears


ASK: Sears’ in-house agency, IMX Studios had a vision for a spot entirely from the perspective of someone on their laptop. We’d see them browsing the Sears website, and then various family members would pop up on the screen via a FaceTime-like call and chime in on the sales process. The husband is shopping from the office; the wife is at home in the kitchen, and the in-laws are at Sears.

CHALLENGE: Shooting in multiple locations on a quick shoot.

SOLUTION: We shot at a real Sears store and built studio sets for the IMX Studio facility’s kitchen and office, except for the final shot of the spot, where the whole family is in the kitchen admiring the new fridge, all of the shots were supposed to have a phone camera feel. 

RESULTS: A quirky, cute video. We even squeezed in a little joke too, when the son-in-law says, “Does she like it? I just heard a bunch of Spanish words and my name?” 🙂

Brett Singer
Dan Fisher/Siobhan Summers